Monday, May 31, 2010

Debate about the Breastesses

I was going to name this post "BREASTS" but then I might get a few interesting people googling the word and finding my blog. Not that a million other links wouldnt show up first. Anyway.
A friend of mine linked on Facebook (to all their friends) a blog that contained a recipe for how to make your own cheese...with breastmilk.
There were a lot of comments on the link, like "Ew, Gross" and yada yada yada..
I went to the link and just quickly skimmed through it (har har har)
But then I really got to thinking..Why?

Why is it so gross?

Is it because breastmilk is so sweet? Because they come from boobs, which in our culture are sexual? Is it because you would think it would taste gross?

I talked to both Josh and my sister Jana about it. Both of them said they wouldn't make it/eat it. When I asked why, Josh said human milk is different from cows milk, much like human meat is different from cows meat.
I get it that breastmilk is for the babies, but it is possible for extra breastmilk to accumulate that the baby doesn't need and could possibly go bad. (Did you know you can sell breastmilk on the black market for around $2/oz ??)

Ok back to the cheese. If it tasted good, and I was too poor to buy cheese, I would totally make my own.

I have to admit when I first saw the post I was like...YUCK. Hmm...but why?
Why do we drink milk from a gross farm animal but not our own species? Especially when you know its disease free?
We are the only species on Earth that doesn't drink our own milk. You know we are all consuming cow's breastmilk right?
If you want to view the recipe, go here.


Katie Jo said...

HAHAH I don't think it's weird. I had SOOOOOO much breastmilk when I was breastfeeding that I had a back up supply in my freezer that would've lasted Brenika at least a few weeks. I thought about donating it to Primary Childrens... but I'm glad I didn't cause I used it when I had my random surgeries. I guess if the time comes, and it just might... that we have to use our own home grown food... then maybe I'll be making my own cheese with my super awesome milk producing boobies! HAHA

Rachel said...

So gross! Maybe you need to have breast fed to not find this info vomit inducing.

Sarah said...

You don't need to have breast fed....I haven't and it is not normal. Carly you bring up some good points, but in the end I agree with your hubby. Cow meat vs human meat. Last resort for sure. A lday brought cookies to an enrichment activity once and after everyone had eaten them she announced she had made them with breastmilk. Dry freaking heave.

Kirie said...

So...I read this post this morning and for some reason have thought about it multiple times throughout the day...and to tell you the truth, I can't really think of a reason why it would gross me out, personally. I don't think Josh's analogy really holds weight for me...because if it did, why is it not gross that BABIES drink it? That's a human drinking human milk.

I'm not saying I'm going to start making food with my own breast milk (when I actually have some - ha), or will be falling over myself to try something that was made with it - but I really don't see what is so disgusting about it....

Kirie said...

ALSO (I'm on a roll now...), if you read the comments on that blog post w/ the recipe, a lot of women mention using it when switching their children to solid food...and if you can prolong the benefits of breast milk for your child, why not? I personally think that's a pretty awesome idea.

Madalyn said...

It's only wrong becuase we've been told that it's wrong our entire life (well, minus the first year). I don't think I could hold down a glass of breast milk. I'd up chuck fast I'm sure of it. It's just "weird" to everyone, including me. Intersting thoughts though.

Eve said...

Okay, Jana sent me the link to this debate and I have to weigh in. Mostly because I gave it some good thought a couple months ago when I saw a similar story on FB.

I think the real reason it was gross for me is cheese is kind of gross when I think too hard about it. I would never make my own cheese from any milk. Also, I have a hard enough time eating goat cheese, and that is a pretty common milk to make cheese from. But I would probably never try another mammal's milk/ cheese. Cheese from horse milk? Dog milk?

Excuse me while I go dry heave into my kitchen sink.

Linds said...

I'm having mixed feelings. To add to Kirie's comment... I'm not sure I agree with Josh on the human meat/milk, cow's meat/milk analogy ONLY because breast milk from humans IS ok for babies. So why not toddlers or teenagers? :) But then again teenager cows don't drink their mon's milk. They drink water. :) But I definitely don't plan on making my own food, cheese especially (that recipe sounds horrifying) from my breast milk. And if some lady came to my enrichment meeting with mothers milk cookies and didn't tell me she might be going home with a bloody nose.

Jana said...

I guess I just feel like there is Federal regulations on what happens to the milk we drink, but I don't know what kind of diet that mother has, or what kind of prescription drugs she takes/ has taken... I mean if she just downed a king sized bag of cheetos, then went and got herself all sweaty outside and then pumped some milk into my cookies, I'm going to be a little more than grossed out.
I'm not trying to say cows milk is all that healthy either... But there is also no social stigma attached. I feel like while the stigma around breastfeeding babies is stupid, because it is healthy and necessary for babies; it's not for adults. So don't even try to put any human fluids in the food I eat.

Hilary Bates said...

hahaha the black market. Carly you are so hilarious and nuts.