Thursday, June 3, 2010

What does Kaius mean?

When I was about three months pregnant, my boss asked me what we were thinking for names. I said we were thinking Jack, Collin or Kaius. She made a face at the last name and said "whats does that mean??"
I told her I didn't know, because I don't care what a name means, I just care if I like it. I really dont value this person's opinion. This is the same person that decided we were going to play Yankee Swap at Christmas. You know, the game Michael Scott plays on The Office and made Phyllis feel bad for only bringing a homemade oven mitt.

I protested that it would hurt people's feelings, but she said there was no way that would happen. She is the female version of Michael Scott. And I really hope she reads this so she can change her bratty ways! She was horrible! The rules were, you could choose an unwrapped gift from the middle or steal someone elses gift. Well she opened one from the middle and it was an Applebees giftcard. She made a face of disgust and said "Ew. I don't even like Applebees." And then someone else stole it, obviously to make the Applebees giftcard giver feel better. So she picked another gift from the middle. It was Yahtzee Deluxe edition. She again made a face and said "What makes it so deluxe??" And she read the description and just rolled her eyes. What a freakin B.

It was good to get that off my chest.
Tangent over. The meaning of Kaius is "Joyous" or "Happiness"
I think we got that about right.


Shanae said...

I think you got his name right too! I love his smile!

Sarah said...

my hell he is cute. i was to squish him!

Katie Jo said...

hahaha love the naked picture!

Madalyn said...

YES! YOU DID! When we were at dinner the little guy was so calm and happy.... I was about to take him home!

Hilary Bates said...

I think his name pretty much suits him perfectly. I didn't expect you to name a baby of yours something that everyone else had heard of ha plus he is the most cheerful happy baby I think I've ever seen. Cutest little boy in the world