Saturday, February 6, 2010

Perfectly Imperfect

I feel sorry for myself every once in a while. It's not cool to send a large pediatrician bill for the circumcision 5 months after we've been out of the hospital. When we are thinking hospital bills are done. But oh my problems compared to others are so microscopic. Money problems can't shake a stick at what some people are experiencing. Recently my friend Katie has been showing me the saddest blogs on earth. With sick babies. I will pray for them. And I cry and hug my baby and give thanks to heavenly father for such a perfect baby he is blessing us with. My heart aches for any mother that has to go through the death of a child. I honestly could not think of anything worse in the world. I can't remember if I've put this on my blog, but who cares...i'll say it again.
If I had to choose between the world dying, or my family dying, I would choose the world to die. It's probably the wrong choice, to be so selfish. And I should think in a more eternal perspective, I will live with them forever, but this life in this body with its crazy emotions... (yes I just got done reading The Host) I would do ANYTHING to save my family.

If you haven't read The Host, and you liked Twilight, you'll like The Host. I liked it more, it ws less predictable and more thought provoking.

i will kiss you! in front of everyone! (that was for you, Katie!)


Naomi said...

I loved Twilight but can't seem to get into The Host. I have tried 4 times and can't get past the 3 chapter. Maybe one day I will try again.

Chantalle Bishop said...

I haven't read The Host yet, but heard I should. We heard that circumcisions were super expensive, so we looked for a pediatrician based on how much they charged. My friends was 450, ours was 125! So I knew before he was born how much it would be...but that was when we were on Medicaid, and one of the only medical things in the world that they don't cover is circumcisions (our doctor told us that things like Viagra are covered, yet because it is 'elective' it's not covered. Awesome). We got a bill a couple of weeks ago for the PEDIATRICIAN STANDING AT THE DOOR while Elizabeth was bring born, then leaving when he saw everything was fine. You don't deserve my $250 crazy doctor.

Katie Jo said...

hahaha Thanks Carly! Yeah, that is why I wanted to get her out of bed in the middle of the night, and I did, and then I couldn't get her back in it. OOPS! hahaha Oh, well.... not unusual. I don't TRY to find super horrible blogs to read, but they do keep coming across me.... I guess it's good and humbling and I think about what I DO have!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I can't think of anything worse than having something happen to one of my babies.

I love the host too... I hope she writes a series.

Madalyn said...

I always say the same things too. My heart just hurts and aches when I hear of someone losing their child to death.
Thanks for the tip about the book I'll have to read it.
p.s. you HAVE to watch the you tube video "99 balloons" Oprah had this couple on her show and they are so inspiring!