Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sorry Sorry!

Let me just say first that the purpose of the previous post was to generate a response. And it did! I've just added like 8 blogs to my list and who knows how long these unknown readers would have gone without saying anything...:)
But my intent wasn't to hurt anyones feelings, well, maybe a crazy person that wants to steal my identity or pictures of my cute baby for bad things (like posting a baby for sale on craigslist)....but if you're not that kind of person, don't worry, I ain't mad atcha.
When I say I dont get why people read blogs of people I dont know, it just means I don't go poking around, but if someone likes to read my blog because im so hilarious ;)...i welcome you to say hello, then I'll have an interest to look at your blog! I'm not closed off to new friends :)

I unfortunately haven't heard anything from Brazil or Madrid people. That still kind of scares me.
BUT, apparently Blogger can recommend blogs to you? and that's how some people found my blog? I had no idea. But whatev, thats cool.

Alright, I need to prepare my talk for Sacrament meeting this Sunday. By small means the Lord can bring about great things and the weak things of the world will break down the mighty and strong...sounds like the most complicated subject ever.
Ah. Me so scared.


Ang and Shawn said...

I'm not on facebook. I think i'm the only one in the whole world who isn't. But my new last name is Blymiller. So you are living in Logan? What are your thoughts about 5 yr high school reunion? maybe I should make a post about that and see if any is going to go. I'm thinking no...

The Sanfords said...

haha i got that traffic feed thing and it freaked me out too! i wanna know who all these random people are!! but anyway, i love reading your blog and seeing your pictures of your cute family!