Thursday, January 28, 2010


(He was a Monster for halloween!)
Kaius is a TANK.
He has a very strong grip. He has nails that grow very fast. Like within 5 days of clipping them he is pinching me and breaking the skin! It makes me cry out sometimes. I'll use it against him someday ;)
But its sooo hard to find time to clip them. I'm like, hmmm..he's sleeping, i can A) Clip his nails B) do the laundry cuz we are out of clean undaroos D) do the dishes, or E) Take a shower since you didn't take one yesterday.
Yeah, you heard me. I don't shower every day. It's just not practical. Judge me or don't I could not care annnnny less.
(why do people say "i could care less" ? it really makes no sense, in the context they are using it in)

Anywee, if you have tips on clipping a monster baby's nails, please leave them in the comments.

I fed Kaius rice cereal tonight for the first time, trying to put him to sleep with more in his tummy so he'll sleep longer and then i can get more sleep and be nice to my husband again once in a while ;)
I'll let you know how it goes (but don't hold your breath)

Kaius LOVES to do what daddy does...


Chantalle Bishop said...

One of my friends (and I read it in a book) would chew on her baby's nails while she was feeding her. I have to do Elizabeths about every 5 seconds too (including right now...) and I just grip her and get through it. The very hardest is when they are like 9 months. They can wiggle and squirm away and it is SO hard! I always forget when she is asleep, so I just do it. Sorry, no tips! Other than yes, it is no fun.

Katie Jo said...

Funny your friend Chantalle mentioned biting them, cause I do that to Brenika. Now it's easier for me to cut them.... but when she was tiny, would totally bite them off. But, I'm a professional nail biter... seeing as how I bite mine like they're candy or something. Gross. The best time is when they're asleep... right when they fall asleep. I still cut Brenika's when she's fallen asleep. That's when I paint her toe nails too. HAHA

It gets easier to manage your time, I PROMISE. I never thought it would HA. But... there are still days where I don't shower... maybe just cause I don't have anywhere to go, but ya know.

Madalyn :) said...

I've never had a problem cutting Drake's nails. He'll just sit on my lap and watch cartoons while I cut them, he's never minded it. But when he was a baby I always waited until he fell asleep.

Jana said...

Lee used to give out nail kits that had his company name printed on them, and inside were these cheap nail cutting scissors, they work perfectly for baby nails and they aren't super sharp, so it never nics the baby. I have used them since Carmen. I bet you could find them in a cheap kit from walmart or something.

And as for the showering, just wait until you have two... Personal hygiene just becomes a huge inconvenience.

I may have fallen asleep in my gym clothes a time or two.