Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cloth Diapering?

So I was looking around some Etsy shops and found a girl that makes pretty cheap cloth diapers. So I started researching other brands. Every site claims I will love cloth diapering. They recommend you have 6 dozen cloth diapers!!! But they say it will save us $1,500 a year PER baby. I am interested because: I know I will be WAY more motivated to potty train. I'm about as frugal as they come. I don't mind a little rinsing in the sink, if its required to rinse in the toilet..not interested. And I will pretty much hate life if I have to line dry 6 dozen diapers. No thanks. tumble dry low please.
Any recommendations? Cautions? Complaints? pros? cons? comments?

Here is where I found the cheap ones (found on Etsy but she has her own site too)
basically she says she makes no money doing this, only enough to keep buying materials.
I've also heard Bum Genius is a good brand, but pretty expensive!

I think I am absolutely crazy for doing this but if all my requirements above are met then I will graciously accept my $1500 savings per year to go to Hawaii. Well, Hawaii is Josh's first choice. He probably says every. day. how much he misses it there and that its the #1 most relaxing thing he has ever done in his life.

P.s. Speaking of Josh, he wrote me a letter for valentines day that made me cry and cleaned the kitchen like three times all weekend after I would mess it up after making a meal, making it the best Valentines day/weekend ever.


Stephanie said...

I highly recommend cloth diapering! It is so easy, and it saves so much money!

BumGenius are expensive, but it still saves you money in the long run, and I really like them! also makes a diaper similar to BumGenius, called the Flip diaper, and it is very similar to the BumGenius, but cheaper. We use these right now, and they are my favorite.

My concern with the BoogerButts, is that it is not a well known brand in cloth diapering circles, so you don't know how well they will work. Plus, they may seem cheap, but it is a sized diaper (as opposed to a one-size diaper like BumGenius), so you will have to continue to buy new diapers when he gets bigger. In the long run, it is cheaper to just buy the one-size diapers. It couldn't hurt to buy a couple of these and see how well they work though...I am definitely interested, since they are so cheap!

You don't need 6 dozen diapers...sounds like she is just trying to make money! You only need enough to get you through 3 days (how often you need to wash them), probably about 24 diapers at the most.

Good luck with your decision! I recommend buying 1 or 2 of a few different brands of diapers to see what you prefer.

Michelle said...

you are a brave woman!! but you've piqued my interest!

Chantalle Bishop said...

Good luck! I've heard they aren't as good out in public, cause they don't hold as much as regular diapers. Also...I added it up and we don't spend that much money on two kids worth of diapers! Not even close! I added up Zach's (we get his at Costco- HUGGIES) and it's never been more than $400 (more like 300) a year. Elizabeth takes a lot longer to go through far I am on the same pack we bought in December and she isn't even halfway done with it cause there are so many. And the pack was 37.00. She won't even reach $300 this year even when she is bigger so the packs are a little smaller. And I change their diapers ALL THE TIME. I see the appeal to save money...but to me, it's not that much since they don't wear diapers forever and no way am I swishing a diaper around the toilet and then washing it everyday! Also, I've heard you need 2-3 dozen, I've never heard of needing that many. Keep us updated on your adventures!

Naomi said...

I could never do it! I like the idea of throwing it away with the diaper. I definetly don't spend that much on diapers though. I use coupons and usually don't pay more than $5 for a pack of diapers. I haven't actually added it all up but that seems a little outrageous! I don't think it would make a difference with potty training either cuz it all depends it the child is ready or not. I have looked into it but quickly decided not to lol

Stephanie said...

Just an FYI-You don't have to swish the diaper in the toilet at all. If it's just pee, then you stick the diaper in a 'wet bag' meant specifically for cloth diapers. If there's poop, you just dump the poop in the toilet, and then put the diaper in the wet bag. There's no soaking or dunking in the toilet or sitting in a pail with water or anything.

You definitely won't save $1,500 per year...who spends that much on diapers? I always spent about $500 per year at most when buying from Costco. You'll probably save that much over a few years until potty training. It actually does help them potty train faster, since they feel the wetness on their skin with cloth diapers, instead of disposables being absorbed all the way to the center of the diaper.

Katie Jo said...

My friend is REALLY into cloth diapering and loves it and I have another friend that actually makes all of her own from scratch and they only cost her $100 for EVERYTHING for all the diapers she needs. She was going to show me how to do it, but then she moved to Idaho. Lame. I can give you her info if you want.

My opinion on cloth diapers is different. it's all about convenience for me. It takes a lot of time to do cloth diapers... you're doing alot of laundry... and that ups your electricity bill when you're running your dryer all day. My friend that makes hers hang dries them to save energy. (she's super earthy... if you didn't notice haha). You save money, but for ME it's not worth my time. I guess it's how much you value time over money to see if it's really worth it for you. Plus, people say cloth diapered kids always smell like pee... and for me, that just puts an end to it right there. I can smell anything and everything within seconds... can you imagine being pregnant and having to smell sick pee all the time? No thanks, not for me!! hehe

I say.... go for it if it's really worth it to you! You just gotta weigh your pros and cons to see if it's something you really want to do.

Madalyn said...

Well well well... I'm not sure I could ever that. I'm goin to wish you luck with this big decison!

Melinda B. said...

My sister cloth diapers and all her friends cloth diaper their babies and alot of the make their own diapers too. They all love them. Plus, disposable diapers are full of carcinogens. If you want her email address so you can get info let me know.