Friday, January 1, 2010

The Warm Discussion

Today, we attempted to go to the movies because we have 2 supersavers (free tickets) to Cinemark theaters. I REALLY dont understand why anyone goes to Cinemark..Megaplex is so much better. You can buy your tickets in advance and be confident it wont be sold out, because you can see the seating chart. Also, you dont have to show up early at all because your assigned seat that you chose is sitting there empty.
Anyway. We got tix for tomorrow since it was sold out, which we will have to show up early for to get good seats.

Really anyway, we were driving home and Josh says "Oh, its 35's warm today"
Me: We have this discussion every winter...just because its not freezing, doesn't mean its "warm"
Josh: Its Warm in relative to what its been
Me: Its warmer than what its been , but its not "warm"

My definition of warm is not having to wear a jacket when I go outside!!! What's your definition? I have a hard time saying his opinion of warm isn't wrong hahaha...
changing the subject..
I have never ever noticed so many people trashing on the previous year and stoked for their "new start" of the new year. Maybe I never knew it because Facebook wasn't as popular last New Year and so I didnt have the opportunity to hear it all.
I've seen lots of people say "last few hours of sugar" or junk food altogether... I just think it's weird. Maybe I just think diets are weird...they dont work. If you plan on depriving yourself of something temporarily to get to the weight you want...and then you go back to your normal diet, wont you go back to your regular size?
You have to make a change in your life...and I think waiting for an excuse like January 1st is weak. I think thats why we hear a lot of New Years resolutions fail. Because once you fail, you wait a whole stupid year again until January 1st to try again.
Not talkin about everyone, but, it's common.
And when people say "I'm so glad that 09 is behind me, bring on 2010!" I can pretty much guarantee you that its not gunna be much different hahaha.
Why can't you pick any old day of the year to go "I am going to eat this broccoli instead of this cookie" (not that I don't love cookies)
I just think the resolution thing needs to go.
I love goals.
Happy New year.

We went to the lights at Temple Square for New Years Eve, then Texas Roadhouse, then put the baby to sleep, and cuddled while watching the ball drop.
Which is quite a different New years eve experience than I had last year ...and what I said I would have this year...
If you remember my post from last year, I said it sucked big time. The reason why it sucked, was because I took an early pregnancy test when we got home and it was negative. It was the CHERRY on top!
Then 3 days later I missed my period and took another test...

And now...I have this:


Ashleigh said...

Oh gyosh, 35 degrees is cold cold c-o-l-d COLD!

I'm glad that this year you have a squishy little butterball to make you happy :) He is so cute!

Also, about new year's resolutions - I'm a big fan of revisiting goals at least once a month. It helps to keep your focus. But I agree on the whole "turning over a new leaf on the first of january deal." It's lame and it doesn't work. I mean, if you couldn't go running last year, what's in the air this year that would make you do so??? I also think diets are somewhat dumb, but work for some. Didn't mean to rhyme that.

Katie Jo said...

HAHAHa that's not warm. I agree... it's warm when you don't have to wear a jacket.

I like Cinemark theaters... hah but I rarely go to movies anymore so it doesn't really matter.

I don't know why people hate the year when it's over either... 2009 was a pretty crappy year for me if you think about it... gall bladder, ectopic pregnancy, got laid off, trent got laid off... I could go on and on... but that doesn't mean I'm going to complain about it... we live and learn each and every day.

I made a New Years Resolution once to not eat french fries... and I kept it for 3 years. HAHA

That's so fun you went to temple square... our night was completely boring... Trent fell asleep on the couch!

Jana said...

I like new years resolutions. I feel like the holidays are so crazy stressful, a lot of the stuff I was trying to do better on got thrown out the window. Resolutions give you a chance to step back and re-focus on the things that are important to you in the following year.

Maybe I didn't meet all my goals for last year, but I can least start trying hard again for this year.

Amber said...

Lol..when i saw the picture of the pregnancy test, i almost thought you were pregnant, again! :)