Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years Eve...suuucked

Sorry to be a Pouty McPouterson but I really didn't enjoy New Years Eve this year. We spent $20 on First Night tickets (which was dumb) They had like 3 people on stage doing a hip hop/fighting INTERPRETIVE dance. You can tell they were improvising, and they thought they were being so creative. I wanted to punch them in the face. There were strollers everywhere, with crying babies because they were FREEZING. Our party of 12 wanted to leave at 11 to watch the ball drop on TV, not too big a deal, everyone was cold. It's not like we werent losing people every 2 sec.
11:57 Josh started to eat chex mix and wouldnt put any gum in! No New Years kiss!!!!!
We then watched the movie "Cloverfield" which was like a modern Godzilla in New York that has a camera style of Blair Witch project. Good computer graphics but it had a dumb ending. I just had an idea of staying up all night playing games and stuff, but all the other (single) couples were "tired". YEah right!! All single people want to do is make out!
So next year, I'm staying up all night and playing games. Who's with me??? It's bout time I start my own traditions!!!!!!


Amy said...

at least you looked way cute! i need to send you the pictures from that night so give me your email address.

Katie Jo said...

Uh... hello... we LOVE PLAYING GAMES!!! Thats all I ever like doing on New Years Eve... stop and watch the ball drop in NEw York... and get back to playing games!!!!

Ashleigh said...

Lol. Move to Hawaii we'll have FUN new years EVERY YEAR :) Lol. Uhhhh except that Iasi and I fell asleep at 8:00 this year. But next year we plan to PAR-TAY! Lol. You're down. You know it :) lol. J/k. Love love.

jayni & ben said...

Ha ha. You are so cute and so funny. That is what I did. Played games all night. It was lots of fun. You should totally try it.

dotsonfamily said...

oh ya girl i am soo with u...lets go party all night long we can party like ther is no tomorrow..luv
azia d.