Wednesday, October 28, 2009


that stands for "poor little old me"
when i was little and us kids would feel sorry for ourselves, mom would say "are you going to tattoo P.L.O.M. on your forehead?"
well, i think i just might!!!!!! kidding!!!!!
By the way, while I am on the subject of moms, you dont ever fully appreciate your mother until you are a mother yourself. And I can't even imagine having other little ones besides Kaius.

Well, I am feeling like a rotten housewife.
We just moved to a very unfamiliar city. Our house is a sty. Boxes everywhere. I am the worlds worst organizer, but once it gets organized I am usually pretty good at keeping it that way-somewhat. Its hard for me to accept that the house will have to get worse before it gets better. Clothes arent hung in the closet. Dishes are not washed (since being in a box). Therefore, dinner is not made at night. To top it off, the other night we were looking for a new car since the Lexus died, and I remember holding the camera in the car. Haven't seen the camera since and I have been looking everywhere. So I'm a non-cleaning, non-cooking, non-organizing, camera-losing kind of housewife. I usually can say, im pretty awesome, but, im not pretty awesome lately.
Kaius is almost to where he can sit in his Boppy. We are going to buy a new camera before then. I gotta capture his new first experience with it.

Well, on the very bright side, I have this face to look at all day.
His favorite time to smile is at changing time, and laying there after being changed. He likes to giggle a little bit too.


I LoVe my Boys. They are miNe forever.


Katie Jo said...

I miss you already!!!!! Wish I could come help... but now you're too far away... but I'm sure I wasn't that much help to you anyway!!! Sucks about your camera... call me if you need me to talk to though!

And I LOVE my mom... it really is true how you really don't get it until you are a mother. When my sisters rag on my mom for being the way she is... I say... HAHA.. YOU JUST WAIT and you will love her more than ANYTHING!

Lyonel and McKenzie said...

Hey Lady! Let me come help you! I live close now, it's about 30 minutes away!

Madalyn :) said...

I love that picture of him smiling on your chest. He's having such sweet dreams snuggling with his momma :)

Ashleigh said...

Check your trunk ;)