Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Josh!! Big Three-Oh!

My husband turned 30! He always had the goal of becoming a father before 30, and he did it!
To celebrate my mom babysat Kaius and we got a couple's massage & went to TGI-Fridays. We got this for dessert:

Peanut Butter Mousse Pie...
I couldnt rest until I could have more. Not that I had the option to rest ;)

I didnt find the recipe, but I made one myself. Josh says it was better than TGI-Fridays. I dont know that it was THAT good...but it was good.

He looks so happy in this picture. I think its because I hadn't cooked anything in forever.
I love the spit up marks Kaius left on his shirt moments earlier. Sportin' em like a good daddy should :)

Here is a picture of us sooo happy about the new teeth we got!

(Billy Bob gummy teeth that my mom got Josh for his birthday)


The K Clarks said...

Cute :)

Madalyn :) said...

You guys are so cute together :)

Jessy and Adam Baird said...

How fun! Have you guys found a place up north yet?

Ashleigh said...

lol cute! happy b'day josh!

Misty said...

So cute. I love his spit-stained shirts. I think as parents, we just kind of get used to that stuff. :) Clean clothes will come again someday!