Thursday, October 8, 2009

ugh. Groan.

**Disclaimer: If you are not into reading about mommy-stuff and boobies..don't read on.
Sitting here at 5 AM. Feeling so sorry for myself.
I put the baby back to sleep an hour ago, after an oh-so-painful feeding. But I've been busy researching. About what?
An infection in the breast that causes fatigue or flu-like symptoms (clogged milk duct that got infected). I made an appointment tomorrow to see the doc, but realized that our insurance has changed on Oct. 1st since Josh got a new job. His previous employer was really nice and kept him on "as an employee" for three months until we had our baby. Paul is his name. the previous employer. He loves Josh.
Josh was told by the new employer that we were eligible for health benefits after 3 months, so Oct. 1st was the first month we could be eligible. Josh went to get me the member number and all that since we havent received our cards yet.
Welp. turns out they never enrolled him. And this new employer is extremely cheap, and health benefits monthly fee is DOUBLED at this new job. health benefits. We are working on other options though.
Been googling how to get rid of mastitis. Got the same answers as my sister Jana, sister-in-law Melinda, and my friend Katie. You have to keep the breasts empty. which means if baby doesn't drink it all, you have to pump the rest out. Pumping hurt before. I am absolutely TERRIFIED to pump now. So I haven't done it. I've taken the warm shower and tried to express it out.
I am constantly freezing. When I take an Ibuprofen, I am extremely hot.
I thought that it was just super hot in the house, so I got Kaius into just his diaper. When Josh got home today he surprised me saying it wasnt hot in the house. woops.
Oh well, Im sure my body heat kept him warm. since he would NOT sleep anywhere but on my chest. Every time i put him down he'd wake up.

Oh, and I was going through my Facebook friends yesterday messaging close friends and family about Kai's baby blessing, and started feeling sick about halfway through. So if you feel skipped, its not because you arent invited, i am just feeling too achy to really do much of anything.


Katie Jo said...

CARLY... pump em out!!!!! I will even run to the store and buy you the extra parts for my pump and bring it to you!!!!! CALL ME

Kyle & Christina said...

The joys of motherhood!!! Give it some time... it took me about 2 months before nursing felt normal. And I wanted to quit so many times, but it was so worthwhile, not to mention free, once I got over it! Good luck...

Kirie said...

I have no idea what mastitis is...but thanks for the birth control :) That should hold me over for a couple more years.

I hope you feel better soon, girl. That does not sound fun, AT ALL :(

Jana said...

yeah, You should try pumping again... It does usually hurt less as time goes on. Or you could have joshey do it! I hope he like momma's milk! :)

Or find look up an antibiotic on- line that is safe to take while nursing... and see if mom has it already.

Ang and Jerry Oler said...

I have never felt so sick and sorry for myself as I did when I got Mastitis when Jarom was a newborn. So sorry you are going through that Carly! And so so so sorry I cannot make it down there to visit you. :(