Sunday, November 1, 2009

Interesting Fact

Was browsing to find out: A) How long after you eat chocolate that it is in your breastmilk making your baby's tummy hurt, and B) Is it possible to be feeding your baby too much breastmilk, causing too much weight gain too fast?
Not that I dont LOVE a chunky baby...

this is my nephew baby Moseley. almost 8 months in this picture. And I Looooooove to squish him.
Im not worried Kai is getting too big too fast (nor am i worried that Moseley is too big), i was just wondering if its even possible for babies to overeat breastmilk. mff-mascotwin2
Anyway I didn't find the answer to either question but i did find out this:

Oxytocin isn't the only love chemical. Dopamine, the main currency of pleasure in the brain, plays an important role in early bonding, too — for you and for your baby. As you hold, rock, or nurse your child, you both get a rush of this "reward" chemical.
Incidentally, dopamine is what gives drug users a feeling of well-being when they're high on heroin or cocaine. In a very real sense, addicts who get hooked on drugs are simply chasing the feeling that ideally flows between parent and child. Parental love just happens to be infinitely healthier.

and in closing, I would just like to state how lucky i am that i didnt get mastitis three times like 2 of my friends have. getting it once was enough for me. I need to count my blessings more and be grateful for what i have. i have it so easy...

And here is one more pic from that I just thought was hilarious:Funny-Baby-Photo-DupaDeDoo


Misty said...

Carly, check That's the website for the La Leche League. Yes, they are nazi's in the hospital, but they are there for questions such as yours. I check that website whenever I have any questions about nursing or babies. :)

Jana said...

I don't think you can over feed a nursing baby.

That rolly baby is so cute! So is mine! :)

Kimberly said...

My doctor told me you can't overfeed a nursing baby. But I think you can. Elaine spits up all over whenever she feeds for too long...and I was wondering about the time lapse between eating and feeding too! Keep me posted on what you find out!

Madalyn :) said...

How interesting! Thanks for the important 'happy' facts!