Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Stupidity! I can't believe it.

I really cant believe the education level of the customer service people I've been in contact with the last few days.
I've had a lot of chances with shopping around on baby gear websites to get the least expensive price. I did it when my sweet mother in law Theresa wanted me to pick a travel system (and I found one for $50 cheaper than Babies R Us had it) and I did it the last couple days when my mom wanted me to pick a crib bedding set. I found honestly probably over 30 websites that carried the same crib set, and I emailed every single website this message:


I am interested in buying this crib bedding set on your website:
www.(your website name).com/ my fav bedding

but it is for this price "$" at this website:
www.(better deal website).com/ my fav bedding

Are you willing to BEAT their price?
(or sometimes it was the same price at both sites...but still ask them to beat the price)

Thanks, Carly"

These are some of the responses I received in my inbox:

( how much?) ((and the response i got to THAT email was "ready our website." What the freak?? communicate people!!! They must not be fluent in english))

"Ours is the same price!"
(um, duh. thats why I asked if you would BEAT it)

"We will definitely match the item you have requested! As long as it is in stock at their website, the exact same product, and they are not going bankrupt."
(Once again...didn't ask you to match...I asked if you'd BEAT.)

"I dont understand what you mean by us beating that price. We will gladly match it for you."

Oh I will stop there. I dont know why 35 out of the 40 websites I emailed had no idea what I meant by them BEATING the price. Price matching does no good for me. and are the only websites that got serious with me. They fought back and forth and the offers went from 5% to $10 off...until one of them had to say uncle.
The final price was $20 lower than BabiesRUs...but still worth the work!
If I hear a friend trying to buy something online I'll look around for them online and find the cheapest one for them. It's kind of fun for me. Ebay is usually the most expensive. If you ever want me to look for anything I will probably do it! (I say that because I have lots of extra time, which may not be the case in about......mmm.... 8 weeks)

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Amy said...

oh wow, people are amazing :)

for sure email me because i would love to come to your baby shower! my email is

i have facebook too. search for "amy-aaron britton" and add us!

i hope the move went smoothly and that your new place is treating you and josh well!