Monday, July 20, 2009


Ok the pictures on the last post should be fixed. Not that it was worth the effort on my part, but I just HAD to post about something other than being pregnant. You all understand.
I look like a major retard in those pictures, but we started out with something really small (say...a woman product to hide when i went to the bathroom, cuz it was a dorm that you had to share a bathroom with like 18 other chicks)
and the girls snapped a pic and were rolling on the floor then i moved to the flat iron...and then a small purse...and then something crazy like a garbage can. Which I must have thought was quite clean and new looking. I did shower soon after this though, if you were worried.

(oh, and with the can i was trying to make it look like a magician it moved up my whole skirt and out the top. I was in high school. Thats my only excuse.)

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