Friday, January 9, 2009

Flashback Friday

I saw Lindsie's post with this same 4th grade picture, and I just had to find mine!

I think the girl on the bottom right has a frown because we made her wear the extra pair of overalls I brought to school. It was an OVERALLS ONLY kind of thing. I thought my perm was so awesome.
Ninth Grade Night Dance

Was not a date dance, I don't think those girls meant for it to look that way. My braces are blinding.
Sophomore Prom

Haha I'm now seeing we look like bridesmaids. At least I got past that mutty stage!

I just realized lots of girls in these pictures are friends on my blog list!
Glad we're all much cuter these days.


Linds said...

Gotta love those 69 bff necklaces. Where's yours?!! Is that Kenzie (can't remember last name) at the top? did you get away with the no sleeves on your prom dress. Jana always had to have sleeves.

Jana said...

Ha ha... those are funny to see.

Ashleigh said...

ha. throwback pics are the best.

Mom said...

Hi Carls,

Those were sleeves. ha ha. Jana wore it BeFORE you! I got softer as the days went by... you kids wore me down. :) Anyway, you definitely have gotten through the "muttley stage" both inside and out!

I love you

Amber and Matt said...

We all look so young! Sorry we never got to see you and meet your hubby while we were in Utah. We find out probably this May where we are going to law school so maybe we will be closer soon!