Monday, January 5, 2009

Tribute to Yoshi

i received an email from my mom 20 minutes before leaving work that our cat that we've had since i was 9, hasn't eaten in 5 days. She said he would probably pass away tonight, and sadly he has. I am so much sadder than I thought I'd be. I spent those last 20 minutes at work crying my eyes out. I know my mom has been really sad too and that made me cry as well. We actually only ever called him "Kitty" and he was the most spoiled cat ever. He wont drink out of a bowl, only from the faucet. Don't ask me why I have this video. It was only taken before Thanksgiving!
We'll see you in heaven, Kitty!


Katie Jo said...

That is so sad!!!! I am super attached to my doggy!!!

Jana said...

I am sad because Mom is sad, but I thought that cat was pure evil. I am definitely not sad he's gone, since now he won't scratch Carmen anymore. He went after her when she was like 7 months old... He was mean!

Mrs. Brecheisen said...

So sorry Carly. I hope Josh gets you some nice chocolate. Maybe your momma needs some too.

Chelsee said...

My kitty died right after we moved into our new dad wouldn't let her be an inside cat anymoe. Saddest thing ever. =( To our kitties!

Mom said...

Yosh is happier now-he was never really happy or healthy. I'm glad not to worry anymore about him scratching little kids or Uncle Del (who called him Devil cat).
I miss the little guy but I'm doing fine. :) But Chocolate sounds like a plan!