Sunday, December 28, 2008

Guest post - wait..this is MY blog too!

My flag football teams took 1st place in both the 8 on 8 & the 5 on 5 leagues.
You can blame Carly for the lack of pics of me in action.

For being champions, they gave us some gross Life water and the best tasting beef jerky ever. Our last championship game Carly threatened me with my life if I didn't win her some more beef jerky.

This year I started to miss my college football days. So, I went on line, found a local flag football league and posted my availability. I decided to go with a team called Quick 6, which I believed to be the most competitive. It was a perfect fit.

The 5 on 5 league was an afterthought. Some of the guys on my 8 on 8 team invited me to come play with them on their 5 on 5 team to help rush on defense. All the bruthas played at the U in their prime (which was a looong time ago, although they don't look aged).
The championship game for this league was the more fun of the two. On defense I had 4 interceptions and we absolutely dominated the team. It was a blast.
I look forward to playing with both teams again in the spring season.


Amy said...

sweet! that's cool you still do athletic stuff like that. you and aaron should be on the same softball team this year so me and carly can come watch your games.

what are you two doing for new years eve? come hang out with us.

KRISTAN said...

hey, how are you? i know i am so horrible at this. lol I met kirie through my boyfriend. small world huh. You look so cute and happy!

Ashleigh said...

Ha! My husband re-lives his football glory days with...what's that game called...Madden? Lol. xo

Mom said...

Looking good Josh! Your shirts with the skulls are awesome! Good luck in Temecula at the championships! Give Carmen a kiss for me!