Monday, January 19, 2009

Meet Renesmee

This is Renesmee, she grows by the millisecond.
She is really really awesome.

Everyone wants to know her.

Need I say more?

Ok it's really my niece Carmen, but when I read Breaking Dawn I pictured Carmen for Renesmee. I'm not feeling like writing much lately so you get pictures. I'm going to go back to reading Breaking Dawn now, again.


Michelle said...

she gets more and more gorgeous as time passes!

jayni & ben said...

um.. Probably the cutest little girl ever!!

Mrs. Brecheisen said...

I thought you really knew someone who named their baby after Twilight! What gorgeous eyes. What a beauty.

Chelsee said...

Oh my gosh...she is like the cutest girl ever! I love her!

Ashleigh said...

Okay so when I saw the pics I didn't recognise her immediately because a)you called her renesmee and b)i've only ever seen pics of carmen on Jana's blog so I don't exactly know her...anyways, so I was looking at it thinking. Poor beautiful adorable baby, she's so cute and her whole life no one is going to notice. They're just going to notice that she was named after a Twilight character. Lol. Then it clicked. And I felt dumb. The end :) xoxo

Jana said...

Ha, Ha!
How sweet that you did this post for her!
Yeah I kind of pictured her too when I read breaking dawn. She sure does grow fast.

And I am beginning to think that this baby I have in here now is half vampire too because he is huge, and he is really starting to hurt when he kicks me.

dotsonfamily said...

hey carly! Carmen looks so cute( so do u)....i miss you guys so keep bloggin so i keep up with ya bunches.... :)