Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Vacation

Josh and I drove to California and it was a ton of fun! It didn't go by too fast and we got to spend a lot of quality time with family.

My mother-in-law taught me and my sister-in-law Shannon how to make a few of the secret Brecheisen Christmas candies. They are amazing. And we pretty much ate them all on the 10 hour drive home yesterday. Even though its REAL candy and it actually tells your body that you are full of sugar and don't need anymore...we didnt stop.
On Thanksgiving day Shannon's husband Dug brought his music equipment and they made a rap that is Saweeet.
Click below to listen
!!! And try to ignore the "AVS MUSIC DEMO" lady. I have spent hours upon hours trying to get this song straight on my blog....and i finally figured out how to change from an MP4 to an MP3. so soooo-ry!!!!

MySpace Playlist at

Intro:Isaac, main vocals: Josh, background females: Theresa & Sarah, background male: Dug, the every once in a while "Looooove": Mary, 2nd rapper:Chris, and ending "Peace Out Homie": Katie.

I'm pretty impressed...I don't know bout you.

I woke up at 5 AM on Black Friday...but found nothing!!!! So disappointing. oh well.
If you haven't been by the site You definitely need to. I laugh so hard every time I go there. I've been looking for Wrecks in every bakery I pass, and I finally found some way good ones in Elko, NV. I just submitted them so if she says some CCC's from a Carly B. you know its me!
Happy Holidays!


Jana said...

That cake wrecks site is seriously so hilarious!

Ashleigh said...

Dear Carly,
I'm glad you finally posted a post cause every time I click on your blog and all I see is Twilight my heart sinks a little. Also - it's Christmas season. New background time :) Lol j/k.
Anyways, you can upload the rap onto and then make your own playlist and put in on your blog.