Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Barbie Post!

This was a really fun experience. We collected only four barbies to be recycle but gave 200 barbie bags away. Mattel teamed up with Waste Management for the first time to try out recycling Barbies. The new Barbies made would then be donated to children's hospitals.

Michelle (her blog is on my friend list ---->) is a pro photographer and she came to take pictures of me!! Thanks Michelle!

A couple of my favorite parts: A little boy was in a cart with his sister and was sooo overly excited to see me (more so than his sis)! Every time he'd pass by he'd go "Hi Barbie!!! What's your name, Barbie?" And I just kept saying "My name is Barbie what is your name?" And everyone around would start laughing.
There was another girl probably around 9 that just walked straight up to me and was about 5 inches from my face just fascinated. I would ask her questions like "whats your name?" or "what are your plans for today?" or "I'm so glad you came to meet me!" to try to wrap things up, And she would just give me a one word answer and just keep staring into my eyes. It was sufficiently awkward. Josh jumped in and started quizzing her on what kind of Barbie I was and by then her Mom was calling her away. Phew!
There were a couple people I scared really bad because they thought I was a life-size doll from afar, but when they were walking past me and I moved they jumped and go "Oh I thought you were a doll!!!"

Josh was there, but he was walking around shopping the whole time....He decided he wanted to buy a PS2 and Guitar Hero "World Tour". So we went last night and got it. Early Christmas for us. So we have Michelle over for dinner and we are all rockin out! We are hardcore.


Linds said...

Wow. You're one hot barbie.

Mrs. Brecheisen said...

The girls are fascinated. They don't understand how you got so lucky. (btw- airplane tickets are way cheap to Hawaii right now if you come before April)

Ashleigh said...

Come to Hawaii, Carly, COME :)

Jana said...

You look just like a Barbie!