Thursday, November 13, 2008

Random thoughts

Josh and I are ward missionaries. Josh is pretty stoked about it but I can't bring myself to agree!!! That is horrible to say, but I just am so far outside of my comfort zone. I know it'll make me a better person, and it's something I really need to get more comfortable doing. Thursday nights are the nights we go out, so I am super nervous all day about knocking on random people's doors and getting weird reactions. However, The Office is also every Thursday. All in all Thursdays are good days. Being a missionary isn't as hard as I thought, and usually it's fun, but I still get super nervous every time.
On Tuesday Josh starts coaching Volleyball for 16-year old girls. That is so exciting for him and it'll be tons of fun. Life is getting more and more hectic but no complaints here! Josh's work is starting to really pick up and he is doing really well selling his stuff. We are actually very blessed because he is able to sell to almost any industry. As long as they need paper and need to make copies! I love my husband so much and couldn't imagine life without him. He holds so many qualities I wish I had. He bears his testimony nearly every month with confidence. I wish I were a good public speaker like him. I wish I had the confidence to march up to a stranger and start talking about our great church and how they should look into it. ;)


Ashleigh said...

Isn't that the beauty of marriage? Strengthening each other's weaknesses so that together you may prepare for the Celestial Kingdom :)

Don't be intimidated, girl. Be inspired! You guys sound like such a lovely couple. I can't wait to meet your husband!

Ashleigh said...

ps: and see you for the first time in forever :)

Larson said...

HEY! I added you onto my "who I stalk" list! yay! You and your hubby are so cute! Go Ward Missionaries! I would feel exactly like you. Totally out of my comfort zone too.