Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I went through my blog archives to see when the exact date my morning sickness was over last time. But I guess I didnt document that well enough. cuz I wrote "i dont know if my morning sickness is over today, cuz i have a bad migrane"

I haven't had a clean house in over 2 months. I have cooked maybe three meals in that two months. I've changed our bedsheets ONCE in the last 2 months. I usually do it once a week.

I've only been out of the house a few times (other than going to Zumba...which is pretty hard to get my lazy A to anyway)

That means I dont take Kaius anywhere or do anything fun. We play together in the living room but i would like to take him to the park and things.

I don't know how many times I've stopped at Arby's for curly fries. I dont know how many Wendy's stops I've made. Before this I rarely ate out.

On a more positive note:
No more BREASTFEEDING!!!! yahoo!!!!

(-side note-ya know those women who are super sad about stopping, cuz they are emotionally attached and will miss it? yeah, not one of those women. For me, it was the most healthy thing and it was free. I did it until it was recommended, which I guess is longer than most make it)

I quit about a month ago. Kaius began to like whole milk more and more, so I went down to twice a day, and then once a day, and the zero times a day.
Ever since then, he's sleeping through the night. and, AND he is cuddling with me way way way way more now. today he cuddled with me for like an hour on the couch. I loved it.

He knows how to kiss now (its still open mouthed but he totally leans in and has a sweet look on his face) and responds to a lot of things I say.
If I ask him to, he will point to his belly, his teeth/mouth, and sometimes he can get his nose. Every time I ask where his bum bum is, he says "bum bum bum..." And we are working on colors too.
Oh and if he wakes up in the middle of the night, Josh gets up with him. Its great. But i dont think i can physically get up.


Katie Jo said...

I was one of those women that was sad... but only because she started weaning herself and I wasn't ready for it. HAHA But she didn't have teeth and I think that would've been the clincher for me.

I would've NEVER been able to handle being pregnant with a 1 yr old. Really. Props to you!

Rachel said...

Morning sickness sucks! Stay on the couch and continue to live in a messy house, you are doing more work just laying there. You are making a baby!

jayni & ben said...

i am so sorry you get so sick. My sister and my mom are the same way. On my mom's 5th baby(her last) she was sick and throwing up until the day she had him. i feel so bad. i really got sick for 1 day. other than that i was great. but just gained a trillion pounds of water. my sister use to take a pill from the doctor that made her feel a little better. well she could at least lift up her head after she took it :) she was a zombi. congrats though. it is all worth it!!

Kimberly said...

My little one has one month left of breastfeeding and we are counting the days. I'm glad to hear that stopping improved your baby's sleep and cuddliness...I'm hoping for those as well. Thanks!

Bradley, DeAnna, and Donovan said...

You're allowed a messy house when you're pregnant. And you're allowed to be lazy! It's probably better with a 1 year old because he won't remember not getting out and doing fun child's first memory will probably be me lying on the couch and telling him we'll play outside later. And I'm impressed that you breastfed that long, that is my goal for this next one. Donovan had a hard time with it so I ran dry a lot sooner than I wanted to.

Madalyn said...

O morning sickness is the worst! I'm sorry carly! Hopefully it will be over soon though :)

The Sanfords said...

congrats with baby #2 on the way!!! yuck for morning sickness though :( and i'm SO with you on not being one of those people who is sad to give up breastfeeding-- and i've only been doing it for 2 weeks!