Saturday, September 25, 2010

Best Invention Ever

A girl in my babycenter group told me about these...


I was skeptical at first, thinking they must be gross.

Well, I figured they are worth a shot, since I absolutely DREAD taking the pills. Everyone dreads taking them. They taste like garbage and the taste is left in your mouth. And every once in a while when you throw it're traumatized and never want to take them again.
I will admit, I have skipped days because I would just put it off.

Well, these gummies are SO good. They are super soft and tasty. A bit pricey, but a lot worth it. They don't have iron in them though. But I'm not worried about it.
If you are pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant, you gotta get these! They are sold at Target and Costco. $11 for 90 gummies, and you take 2 a day. So each bottle will last 45 days.

Josh tried one and keeps trying to sneak them!


Chantalle Bishop said...

Those look amazing! John was nice and would chop mine up so I could get them down, and I did it right before bed so I could hurry and go to sleep so it wouldn't come back up (Im one of those who throws up several times daily the first trimester) What and awesome invention!

Cammie said...

They had a sample of the fiber gummies at Costco today and they were so yummy! I will definitely be getting these when I need them! :)

Sarah said...

They are yummy. The prenatals I took were awesome, they tasted like chocolate/vanilla. I never had a problem!

Katie Jo said...

Oh how I hated taking prenatals. THE WORST. Those look enticing, but really super pricey. Hmmm... but next time around I might have to get a bottle for those days that I'm super queasy and don't want to swallow a gargantuan pill!

Hilary Bates said...

I had some super nasty ones that made me want to puke, but then I found some lovely purple ones that didn't taste or smell bad at all. They sell them at sunflower market, I can't remember the brand but the bottle is brown and gold. They're awesome.
I used some chewy vitamins, too.. but Sam ate most of them.
If you need some iron you should get Floradix from a health food store. It is super good for iron and I thought it was tasty. They have it at Sunflower market, too.