Sunday, April 18, 2010

Its Sunday, 8 pm and Josh and I are asking each other what we should do for dinner.
"I dunno", I say.
"Well, I made lunch today, so..."
"hahaha! Nice argument!"

Josh made microwave burritos. I just thought it was cute and really funny, cuz I think he was serious!

FYI, I always make dinner, and love it, but I'm still recuperating from waking up for 9 AM church and now I will get off my lazy butt and cook some DINNER


Katie Jo said...

You're such a good wife. Trent always makes dinner... and when it's my turn I usually do something awesome... like order pizza. HAHAHA Pretty sure I'm no trophy wife.

Madalyn said...

Yup, this converstaion always takes place in our home. I give CJ the chance to say "Sure babe, I'll make us something nice." But it's yet to have happened.
I always cook (I LOVE to cook) and I always try to make new things.

Jana said...

those figurines are hilarious.

tina come get some dinner!