Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kaius' Baby Blessing

No, it didn't happen recently. He was about a month old when he was blessed. I've been waiting for pictures from people, since I had my mind too full to remember to bring my camera. But I've only received one so far, but I gotta get this post up!

Moseley, Aidan, and Kaius...what stud muffins! (Melinda, how I wish Oliver was in this pic!)
My In-Laws have the CUTEST 4 generation pic of Kaius, Josh, his Dad Doug, and his Grandpa Dale...sitting on stairs, ascending from oldest down to youngest. It even sounds cute. Just imagine for now.

Here are the deets on the blessing weekend:
I don't remember a time in my life where I have ever been so stressed out.
I had way too much family in town, for the time I had, I didn't feel like I gave ample time to each person/group.
Along with that came the anxiety of everyone wanting to hold Kaius. I was very afraid of him getting sick. Everyone that had a baby around the same time as me was told by their pediatrician to wait til the first of the year to have their babies around crowds/take the baby to church. Um, I guess I didn't get the memo!
Next baby I want to wait til they are at least three months old to do the blessing, but Josh probably wont agree with me on that. I may or may not have pretended that Kaius was feeding sometimes but really he was just sleeping under my hooter hider (nursing cover). haha juuuust kidding. That kid didnt get chubby by skippin' meals.
However, during the sacrament meeting, somehow Josh and I were sort of secluded and just he and I took turns holding Kaius the whole time. Normally the baby is getting passed around, but I was so grateful that no one asked to hold him. And the blessing...I cried. It was amazing and I can't believe how lucky I am to have such a wonderful husband. Josh's Grandpa Dale was sitting in front of us and one time when it was during a hymn he leaned over to his wife Liz and said "This music is too LOUD!" it was sooooooo funny. Josh and I looove visiting them in Wyoming cuz they make us laugh with the stuff they say. I laugh just thinkin about it.
And Kaius didn't cry at all! I made sure I pumped some milk for him to drink right before so he would hopefully stay happy for 5 seconds without food ;)
Another reason why I was stressing out, we were moving the next weekend. I wont even get into the details of that, I typed some out but erased them, cuz, thats just ranting. Like I ever do that.

Another thing I didn't get the memo on, this is for you first time pregnant friends, after you have your baby: CALL YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY AND GET YOUR BABY ADDED TO YOUR POLICY (I think you have to do it within the first 30 days after you give birth)
I don't know how nobody told us that. Not friends, not pediatrician, not insurance company, not employer.
And the pediatric bill came FOUR MONTHS after Kaius was born. Waaay after we got our Aflac check and thought we were done with medical bills. I argued with the insurance company saying "Um, hello....If you're seeing claims come through for a C-SECTION, and FOUR DAYS IN THE HOSPITAL ROOM, uh, don't you think that something/someone resulted from all that???" They explained the responsible party to tell us to add the baby to the policy was the employer...well, Josh started a new job the month after Kaius was born!
What a mess.

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Jana said...

Oh yeah, I never thought to tell you that.

I am really surprised that no one did tell you. Like your OB should have or something. I think that's who told me.