Sunday, November 29, 2009

New Moon

Just an update from the last post, we took Kaius to see it twice and he was pretty much an angel the whole time both times.

And I was getting so sick of all the haters on facebook. A) I don't get why everyone is switching to Jacob's team. He is annoying in the books and i still don't like him, however i see the love triangle thing a little more clearly now. I don't want her to drop-kick Jacob anymore.
B) Yes, the movie is slow and drawn out, but earth-to-you......THE BOOK IS TOO.
and if people haven't ever read the books, they probably won't like the movie.

This is my report.


Chantalle Bishop said...

I thought the movie was WAY faster than the book! I liked it. And Jacob was hot, I thought they did a great job of showing how he might think he has a chance with her...unlike the book where it was far-fetched and just weird. Team Edward still for sure though. All the critics ragged on Jacob for not being convincing...but I thought it was good. I saw it at midnight the night it came out though, so who knows what I remember from it :)

Katie Jo said...

HAHA I've always been team Jacob... so don't hate on me! HAHA I like his character... the only time I ever thought he was annoying is when he makes Bella kiss him. Funny. Other than that... I like him. I think Edward is gooey shmooey.

I thought they did a great job on the movie... portraying the book. I still don't think the actors for any of the parts are all that great... the books are way better than the movies... but they did as good of a job with it as they could. And reading New Moon again the 2nd time, it wasn't as boring... btw... I finished Breaking Dawn. HAHA

Katie Jo said...

I just realized that you said.. this is my report. HAHA

Ashleigh said...

Sorry bout iasis comment lol.

Mrs. Brecheisen said...

In the books, Edward is way better. But in the movies, Edward kind of seems crazy and Jacob seems normal. I am all Edward in the books and all Jacob in the movies. I agree with Katie Jo too- it was when he forced Bella to kiss him that I really started to dislike him.