Friday, November 13, 2009

Don't Judge Me

Josh and I never discussed going to see New Moon. Its a given that we were going to go. Its our romantic movie. Like for most couples its The Notebook, but not us. I started reading the books when we were engaged and with every laugh, cry, gasp, & jaw-drop Josh was told what happened each step of the way. I read Twilight out loud to him, but stopped there because he wasnt really into it. Anyway. Josh went to buy our tickets today but called me to ask the question:
"What are we going to do with Kaius?"
Hmmm...good question. So I said to myself, "Self, there isn't anyone within 2 hours of us that we know and trust enough to babysit Kaius. It leaves no choice but to take him with us."

I know..we're crazy right? One of the last movies I went to was in Provo like 4 months ago and there were like three babies there! Although they werent too noisy i was still like "who brings a baby to a theater?!" But now I know. I was sooooo judgemental before I had a baby. Now I know you just need to have to just GET OUT sometimes. You have to get. out.
So tonight, we decided to take Kaius to the movies as a test drive, to the $1 theater to see "Surrogates". (Which is a way good movie!)
KAIUS PASSED THE TEST WITH FLYING COLORS! He only made like one peep! he slept 90% of the time. I have such a good baby!

Man I love this picture. He is my most prized possession.


Katie Jo said...

I think it's fine to take your newborn... and by newborn I mean under 4 months... to the movies. I took Brenika to Madagascar 2 with my family when she was 3 months and she slept the whole time too. Once they are sitting up/crawling/talking... it is SO MUCH HARDER to keep them quiet! HAHA Trent and I took Brenika to Harry Potter... at the late late showing... thinking she'd sleep (yeah, she was 1) and she did pretty good... but we sat on the isle and just stood up and rocked her when she was noisy. PLUS we waited til the movie had been out for WEEKS so there weren't too many people there. I think that's the key... wait til it's been out awhile... then people won't be as pissed if your baby starts crying... there's my 2 cents. But... Kaius is still so young he'll sleep!

Ashleigh said...

Aawwwwwwwww look at that round little tummy! He is growing so fast! I want to squeeze him :)

Jana said...

Holy cow! He's huge! I think that belly's got Moseley beat. And I love our signature leg rolls.

And yeah the window for going to the movies with a baby is really small. Moseley did so well the first time I went . Then I took him again, and I missed the whole thing because he was so noisy I had to spend the whole time in the lobby. Then I never dared after that. As soon as they get out of that sleepy newborn stage it is hard.

But good luck with new moon... There is no way you could not see it. You and I could just go while we're at dad's and leave the babies home with the guys, but you would have to wait a week.

Crazy world said...

ohh he's so cute and chubby

Mom said...

Next time, call the Momma! She will drive to SLC, where you can watch the movie and we can hang out there until you return! Or I can take him home and you can spend the night...
Love ya,


Madalyn :) said...

I never dared take Drake to the movies. And I was the same way when I saw people out and about doing certain things with their babies, I thought people were crazy until I got in their shoes :)

Jeana said...

taking newborns is fine. they pretty much sleep the whole time. i've taken mine and so far haven't noticed any long term effects! ha ha