Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Baby Moseley's Blessing

Josh, my Mom and I all decided to take a weekend trip to California on Mother's Day for my Nephew Moseley's baby blessing. I held that cute little guy as much as i could (when grandma's and grandpa's werent hoggin him) and I got really attached to him. He was a chill little baby and I cant wait to meet my little man.

Check out these little Ugg boots my sister knitted for my baby (pretty much in one sitting)
I used Moseley for my model, cuz California boys dont have use for Uggs!

It was tons of fun hangin out with family and eating a ton of food (i gained like 5 lbs)
The drive was quite uncomfortable...I think Josh may think twice about taking me on a road trip while im in the 2nd trimester already.


Jana said...

My baby is so cute! Yours will be so cute too, I can already tell!

Katie Jo said...

I make those SAME boots!!! hehehe :) We must've found the same pattern... cause they had it for knit and crochet! Glad you had fun!!!! He is so cute... and so will yours!

Michelle said...

your sister is amazing cause those boots are pretty darn spectacular!

Ashleigh said...

Fun fun fun! How are you doing, you little baby maker?

Misty said...

So cute! I love the boots for your baby...I might be a little jealous and need them for my baby too! :)