Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bachelorette Partay

A couple weeks ago it was my friend Hilary's bachelorette party and it was the funnest bachelorette party I have EVER been to.
We started it up at the "Cedars of Lebanon" restaurant.

This was the belly dancer at the restaurant

She made us all get up and belly dance with her...and she exclaimed "Wow the pregnant girls are good at this!!"

And Jamie (in the white shirt) says, "How do you think we got this way?"

It was SO funny. I wish I would have thought of saying it.

This is what I got Hilary. Josh and I were peeing our pants laughing when we found it at the sexy store. I laughed for about 10 more minutes after she opened it.

Then we did henna tattoos...which feel really cool but I just made a face for the camera...

And they pretty much made the pregnant girls get one on their belly. I cannot believe I put a bare belly pic on my blog. I tried to make it small.

Anyway, an update off the subject, I quit my job! Basically I was sick of my bosses and the stress they were putting me through so I gave them my two weeks notice, but they told me that I could go home and they'd still pay me for the last two weeks. So I'm loving being a stay-at-home wife! I love having a clean house and no dirty dishes and having dinner ready when the huz gets home.
We had a dr. appt yesterday (when I say we, Josh comes with me. I don't think i'll ever go to an appt without that weird?) and she said everything is normal and next month they'll do the test for diabetes :(
There is a lot of stuff involved in a pregnancy and birth that no one tells you about. I think because girls would be too scared to have kids if they knew? But I'm sure once you do it you know its soo worth it so you have more. I was so deathly afraid of giving birth, but now all I really care about is the baby being healthy. I can't wait to meet my little man!!


Jana said...

You are so funny.

Yeah being pregnant is the worst... I think I would have like 6 kids if I didn't have to go through all that every time.

The diabetes test isn't that big of a deal, you just drink this stuff that tastes like super sweet sprite or orange soda, and get your blood drawn an hour later. I know you hate getting poked but it helps me not to look at it while it's happening.

Seriously though as soon as your baby smiles at you the first time, it makes it all worth it.

Katie Jo said...

Your belly is cute... what ya whinin about?? HAHA I can't even see any stretch marks... or in my case... cat claws. HA Oh man, I should show you mine sometime. :)

You don't eat a lot of sugar... your diabetes test will be fine. Heck I eat loads of sugar everyday and was totally fine! HAHA

I am doing good... still haven't had pasta yet, but I had pizza, and JCW's burger, and fries, and ribs, and steak and Cafe Rio... and I'm totally fine! YAY!!! hehe so we'll have to go to Olive Garden together.. and then to the Manti Pageant!!! :) Call me later yo!

Mom said...

Cute little belly there!

I'm glad you had fun and I'm glad you quit your job so you can feather your nest and spoil Josh before the baby comes. :)

Chantalle Bishop said...

O my! How scandelous...too fun :) Nope, not weird that he comes. John came to all my appts for Zach, and he and my doctor talked about his son going to law school and John talking about going to law school. When it came time to have the baby, the doctor called the hospital and said that even though he wasn't on call, he wanted to deliver our baby. The nurses were like, are you guys close family friends or something? I was like no...he just knows us well by now! So that was neat. It was the next day by the time he came, so he was off duty and still did it. I took the test last week- get the orange and make sure it is cold! It tastes like not very carbinated orange soda. Not bad at all :)

dotsonfamily said...

your bely is so cute wat r u talking about....ya the belly dancing is fun i have a friend that is a belly dancer and i went to calsses with her for 1 month ya it was have nothin to worry about u are goin to be anawsome mommy carly...good for u quitting ur job ya know we girls have to do wat we gotta

scottandbrittanywilson said...

I love your belly it is so cute

DaNiEl & ShAnDi said... all are too funny! Looks like so much fun. Jamie is a dang funny cleaver!

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~Shandi "Mackintosh"