Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Worst Date Tag

My worst date would have to be my Junior year of high school, winter dance, Boys choice. It was the week of the dance and I had no date yet. At the beginning of the week I noticed one of my good buddies, Colton Fenton, was standing around with a bunch of his friends, who were all looking at me. He had his back to me and they all pushed him toward me saying "ask her". Colton turned around shyly and said "Will you go to the Winter dance with me?" I said yes of course.
Day before the dance I get a call from Colton and he says "Carly, I'm sorry but my mom just grounded me for a week and I can't take you to the dance anymore."
"Oh, thats completely fine! Don't even worry about it." I sincerely replied.
No, thats not the end of the story.
"Well, I felt so bad I kind of already made arrangements for a replacement..."
"Um...what? with who?"
"A friend of mine from Orem"
I tried to tell him I'd rather not, but he insisted. Apparently this young lad was looking forward to our blind school date dance.
So our "group" consisted of two couples. My best friend Lauren, and her date Jondon was the other.
This mystery boy from Orem is friends with Jondon as well.
Lauren and I drove to their place and we were ready to go. Orem boy (whom I don't even remember the name of) was mexican and I don't believe spoke much english. Neither of them have a car so Lauren is the driver. We are starving and ask what our plans are for dinner. They both shrug and finally admit they don't have any money. Wendy's it is! And I bought the poor sucker dinner. We head over to the dance and we take our pictures.

(as boys start walking with us to the sleigh prop)
Me: "uuuuhh...I actually just want a picture with Lauren"
It was quite awkward but I didn't care in the LEAST.

On the dance floor we gals kept our distance. My friend Ali Vanleeuwen came up to me and was like "Hey! Who did you come with?"
I pointed across the room at the figure and she stared at him for a good five seconds before she said, "That's my little sister's boyfriend."

And that next week I found out Colton wasn't grounded at all, he went duck hunting with his uncle.
I really had to go through a lot of mr. wrong's to find mr. right.

I tag Jana, Chantalle, Katie, Lindsie, Melinda, Nikki, Amber, Ashleigh, Jeana...
I want to know everyone's worst date!!!!


Seth & Kirie said...

Hahaha...I don't know, that was a pretty good one :) I love that you didn't even get your picture taken with him!

Katie Jo said...

That's pretty bad... I do have a good one though!!!! I will post it tomorrow when I'm oh so busy at work!! hehe

jayni & ben said...

Hey love. I didn't know you had a blog. Now I can add you to mine. I have been wondering about you. Looks like you are doing just fine and you are as happy as ever:D

Jeana said...

thats really funny. i'm sure it wasn't at the time but we can all laugh at it now right?

Ashleigh said...

HAHA. That. Is. HILARIOUS!!! Ummm I don't even have a worst date story, but I'll post something embarassing or xoxo