Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Since I am just now feeling better (its been two weeks), and can get a few things done in these last three days before christmas, I am counting this year as another "sick during christmas" year. Can I please go one year of December without being sick?? I associated many things at christmas with headaches/throwing up. Every time my dad played some new Jazz music CD he got...gingerbread, egg nog, pine cone smelly things...
Anyway, I'm not letting it get my Christmas spirit down. Christmas is about spending time with family and love. I don't want anyone to stress about getting anything for me, so why would my family want me to stress over getting something for them? I don't think they would. I have had minimal stress this year. Josh would disagree, but he hasn't seen me other years; day before christmas eve, standing in zumies almost in tears wondering what the heck my brother Ryan and brother-in-law Lee want. I think what they want for christmas is for me NOT to do that. so Jana, you can tell Lee thats what he got HAHAHA. just joshin ya. I got you guys a little sum' sum'. Psh like it'll get there beFORE Christmas.
We are on our way to get our wedding video...I know...its been almost 10 months and its just now done. I wonder how much he'll charge me: more because it took him so long...or less because he procrastinated so long? We shall see. I may have another post for when I get back, fuming mad :]
Another reason why I've waited to send the gifts to fam, I want to include the wedding video. You may not want it, but when you get/got married, I would expect a wedding video for sure. I watched my sister's wedding video many times in high school, that was about the only thing that made me cry at the time. I never ever ever thought I would find a guy who would treat me as well or love me as much as Lee loves Jana. I thought it was too rare.


Chelsee said...

Being sick on Christmas is the WORST! I hate it.
And let me just tell momma waits until 2 days before Christmas to go shopping every year. And she wonders why it is so stressful for her...

Ashleigh said...

I TOTALLY want a wedding video! I'm doing the same thing, especially since not a lot of our side of the family is coming I want to have a good video of everything :) Carly, you're beautiful and sweet and I'm so glad that you've found Josh and are so happy. I used to feel the same way - who knew two amazing men were out there just waiting for us huh? I'm way glad that you're so happy!

In reply to your comment on my blog:
The "sexy" presents - although completely appreciated - were SO embarassing. I don't know if it was just me thinking it was embarassing, or you know...everyone knowing that I was going to wear it. I dunno. SHAME! I was BRIGHT RED and hot and sweaty and embarrassed. Lol. I was super flustered.

The honeymoon stage thing - we are going to be SO excited to see you guys. I don't care if we ARE still in the h.m. stage. Lol. We are TOTALLY gonna live it UP when you come to Hawaii I'm so excited! We have to make plans - after the wedding?

Okay, this is officially the longest comment ever. I should have just emailed you. But I'm too lazy to go find your address...sooooo

Jana said...

Awwwe... that is sweet! I didn't know you thought that about Lee! I do love my wedding vid, It's a tear jerker! I am excited to see yours!

You never have to worry about getting us anything for Christmas, We don't want you to stress, and besides we are lame at giving gifts. I only baked Lee brownies for his B-day because even I dont know what to get him ever.