Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Meeting Michelle Money

For some reason Facebook isn't letting me upload any pictures, and I'm gunna cut its face off.

*snicker snicker*

(Remember when Monica said that about crazy Jenna the first night?)

This post is "The Bachelor" related, just so you know.

I was a fan of Michelle's after the "women tell all" episode of her season with Brad.

So I found her fan page on Facebook, and found out about her Youtube channel.

She does it with her BFF Laura, and OH my gosh they are so freakin hilarious.
Recently I have had some people tell me, "Yeah you look good since you lost weight and all, but its not just that, you're glowing. What are you doing different?"

Well, folks, its the MMandLShow. They have a video for eyebrows, a video on how to apply mascara, blush/bronzer, spray tan, etc etc etc. I never realized it, but my eyebrows always disappeared in pictures, cuz they are so light. I got a brow pencil that matches my hair and its made a big difference. They are "big on brows" :)

Anyway, a couple days ago Michelle posted about meeting and answering some questions with Laura, and Monica from the most recent Bachelor.

So last night my girl Briel and I went, it was at a nail salon in Holladay. It was so fun. I went to meet them with no expectations, but they were SO down to Earth and normal. Besides how freakin' pretty they are.

They said its very different from real life dating. They don't let you talk to anyone (outside of the house, like no talking on the phone unless you have children), read books, nothing. They said they want you to go a little bit insane. They said its pretty much "dating on crack".
Rose ceremonies last hours. They want you to be uncomfortable standing there, so they can get every facial expression and all that on camera. They hear no music, totally silent.

They are given tons of beauty products, and they get whatever food they want. The staff either goes to the store for them and gets the girls whatever they want, or they just order room service. They cannot go walk around the city or anything.

Monica was not attracted to Ben at all, but thought he was a cool guy. I think he's cool too, but a horrible actor, quite boring. Michelle was very attracted to Brad.

They said they expected tons of cattiness, but it was totally cool like meeting the other girls who were just normal like them and travel a bunch with them.

The night Monica was sent home, she actually broke her foot in 5 places running and sliding into the shower with all the girls. She drank a bottle of wine and slept til the doctor got there. She said she was crying and drunk and Ben was really sweet. She said that's when she changed her mind about him. But none of that made the show!! She said there was lots of stuff that didn't make it on that she was surprised about. We were all bored sitting at home watching, HELLO!!

They said everything is very manipulated, but that was pretty apparent. I asked if they paid money to people to acted crazy or incentivised craziness with money...nope! I was surprised with that.

If you have any questions, put them in the comments and I'll do another post. We asked a LOT of questions.


BFFs! I'm making an appointment with Laura soon (far left) to do my eyebrows. She is so pretty and so nice. She asked me how many kids I had and what their names were. She is so dang funny in the youtube videos. Watch her.


Katie Jo said...

DUDE I'm so jealous. HAHAHA K Michelle is freakin so skinny.... I think you are tiny and her next to you she is like a bone. HAHAHA That's so great that you got to go do that! You make me laugh. Yes, eyebrows make a huuuuuuge difference. I used to do my own until I had my stylist do mine and now they make the biggest difference. I've always colored mine because mine are super light too. If I was rich I would get them tattooed on and let the hair grow exactly to the tattoo line. hahah I'm a nerd, I know. They are both beautiful. Did Monica say anything about Courtney??? Is she really as awful as everyone was saying??!?

Carly said...

She thinks Courtney is like a sociopath...that she doesnt have a nurturing bone in her body. Yes she is soooo skinny.

Jana said...

I've always thought Michelle was so pretty. I didn't like Monica on the show.
Is Michelle still dating Graham?

Jana said...

I've always thought Michelle was so pretty. I didn't like Monica on the show.
Is Michelle still dating Graham?

Chandy Colton said...

That is so fun that you got to do that! I have to say you do have a GLOW, I have totally noticed that. What is it that you are doing? Not that I could probably ever have a glow or even be beautiful, but hey tips always help. HA HA! A lot of people didnt like Michelle but I liked her, and she is so pretty! That would be so fun to get to meet them!

Lindsay Brooke. said...

I was always a fan of Michelle Money from Day 1. I am so jealous you met her. What is she up to now? Did she say anything about Bentley? She's friends with his ex right?

Jim said...

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