Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Apartment Fire in Roy, UT

I heard about this massive fire briefly on the news, and hoped none of my Roy friends were involved.

Meet Tara, on the right.

Zumba enthusiast from the beginning. We were the only ones left for a while who didn't become instructors yet. :)

Single mom of cute Beckum. She has worked so hard for all they had.

They are OK (which is most important) but She literally lost everything but the clothes on her back. Her phone is toast. Beckum's toys. Everything. Underwear. She is still in shock right now.

So we are doing what we do best and doing a ZUMBA fire fundraiser!! It is in Roy, UT (Northern UT) This Saturday from 9:30AM-11AM. They will be accepting donations, Clothes, toys & household items. The address is 5385 S 1950 W Roy UT, 84067.

If you can't make the fundraiser, but would like to donate some items, You can contact me and I can get them to her.


Tara and Randi were able to go into the wreckage and find that some of Tara and Beckum's belongings were salvageable!!

The proceeds from this Saturday's fundraiser will go towards other families who have lost. Thank you all!


Unknown said...

I'd be happy to take items up to Carly from Utah County area. If anyone wants to contact me. I'm Carly's Mom.
Put "Tara/Beckhum" in subject line.


thursday said...

hope you managed to get loads of support for the cause...u will get blessings for the assistance you provided...you seem very real...thats good...i just found ure blog ...really kool...