Thursday, November 18, 2010

Black Friday

Are there any black friday guru's out there??

What are the good deals? I mean, we aren't really looking for TV's or laptops. Are there deals on things like diapers?

Where is the best place to go? Do some stores have storewide deals, like 40% off most everything? I'm mostly interested in Toys R US and Babies R US. But can't really find much info online. Anyone know what their deals were like in past years?


Naomi said...

I think Babies R Us had diapers on sale last year but I think it was their store brand. I can't remember. No one really has sells on that kind of stuff. And no one that I know of has that big of a sale off everything in the store. I like to look at for all the sales. If you lived closer you could totally come with me. It goes a lot smoother with a whole bunch of people.

Chantalle Bishop said...

I LOVE Black Friday. I haven't looked for diapers, the cheapest for us are Costco Huggies. Even without coupons since they don't take them they are the cheapest of anybody.
We go to pretty much every major store throughout the day and there are lots of unadvertised deals. Like last year we were at walmart and since everyone was staying with us we needed more guest they were on sale for $5 each (and they were good ones!) and when they rang up they were $2. Needless to say I went back and got 4 more! Plus lots of movies are on sale for good prices, we just haven't been into that yet but there are usually lots for cheap at any of the big box stores. Good luck!

Allison Wagstaff said...

I went to toys r us last year and spent about $100.00 and just hit there center isle with all their deals out there and got all of wyatt christmas done, and enough stuff that i didn't need to buy anything for his birthday. not even kidding i think i used gifts for easter and such. It was fun plus because they open thanksgiving night at like ten this year you will still have time to do the major sales that start at midnight.