Friday, December 17, 2010

Tis' the Season

For everything to break.
Josh got laid off.
Our flatscreen TV broke.
Que the computer cord to break (for the 5th time).
Que camera to break.

But we got through it! It actually wasn't too tough. Because we have awesome friends and family to our aid. Random ward members would bring by food, friends would watch Kaius for dr. appointments and such, (and my mom doing both of those things) It would have been hard without the help, for sure.

Josh got a new job, as an IT recruiter. So if you know someone in the IT field (or something similar) and they are looking for a job, hit up Josh (or me) and he'll see what he can find for ya. He is loving it so far. He just cant stop talking about how excited he is about life now. He doesn't dread going to work anymore.

Kaius is as cute as ever. He now says Daddy & (if prompted enough) Mobbie (Mommy), ball, ruff ruff, whats that?, pssssss (please), and he has said once or twice "shoe" and "dider" (diaper). He mostly signs though. I was working with him for months it seemed on signing, and he wasnt ever interested until recently. He signs "more", "all done", "please", "thank you" & "I want to brush my teeth".
You don't mess with that boys' tooth brush. He brushes religiously twice a day and would do it for hours if I let him.
He has been hitting a lot lately. I guess thats normal for his age. Its quite embarassing when he does it somewhere in public. I feel so bad and don't know what to do. I just keep telling him NO, we don't hit. So hopefully it will catch on.
He LOVES balls, and is very good at throwing and is getting a lot better at catching. Yesterday when we got home from his dr appt, Kaius was looking at the book the doc gave him (yes, he gets a book at every appointment!) And it was a book of colors and for brown it was a football. Kaius pointed at the picture, and then pointed at the football across the room and squealed. Then I showed him he had a football on his shirt and he was so stoked.

Honestly, I kind of think he knows whats going on with the new baby coming. He pays so much attention to my belly. He kisses my belly a lot too. We talk about there being a baby in my belly all the time. He loves to rub and pat it. He has been a lot more cuddly lately too. He loves babies, so I'm excited to see how he reacts.

Speaking of new baby, we found out what we're having! Josh started his new job the day of the ultrasound, so I invited my girl Cammie to come with me.

and we found it is a


Names for a girl will be easier for Josh and I, I think. Anyway, in the ultrasound she kept her legs closed for about 20 seconds and then she spread them and I shouted "GIRL!!" and the ultrasound tech said, "yep!"
We are excited for her arrival in April. Everything in the pregnancy has been going well. I am so blessed. Craving everything sweet.
A yummy treat I found was to make sandwiches with graham crackers and cool whip, then store in the freezer and wa-la! tastes like an ice cream sandwich but very little calories. Which is good for me because I've been craving ice cream a lot.

I am really excited for Christmas. To spend time with family and for Kaius to play with his cousins.

Oh, and we took Kaius to see santa while we were in california. He kept his distance, but Santa was nice and gave him a bell. Much much better than a candy cane. He was definitely interested in the jolly old man, but not enough to go sit on the mans lap. I freaked out when I was little when santa came to my house (some ward members brought us by presents, dressed as santa and elves) and its...a strange man, with a bunch of white fluffy stuff all over his face. Screamin' red weird clothes. We'll see how he thinks of him next year.


Allison Wagstaff said...

yeah!, congrats, that is so fun, i want a baby girl so bad! It's crazy how aware kids are of everything even at a young age.

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Madalyn said...

Good to hear everything is all well. Congrats on the baby girl! That's so exciting!