Thursday, September 10, 2009


It's 5 :30 am and I just had the most successful breastfeeding experience yet and I just feel so proud of my little man. I did it all by myself, usually I have to call a nurse in or wake Josh up to change positions but I was able to do it. So sorry I don't have any pics to put up yet, we really didn't expect to be in the hospital all week, so we thought uploading pics could wait til we got home. Josh is runnin home in the morning so I have a list of stuff for him to get, and the computer cord is one of 'em!
Yesterday they took out my catheter, IV, and I got to take the baby back to the nursery with Josh and then I [*sounds of heaven opening up*] SHOWERED!!!
Caught a glimpse of my body in the mirror on the way in....had NO idea how swollen my legs/hips/tummy were. I'm a blimp. Josh knows how to make me feel better though. It will go away.
After the shower they took off the "dressing" or "huge bandage" over my staples. Thought that was gunna be scary but turns out, they dont put the sticky part of the bandage over the staples, just goes around! I was stressin all day and they kept telling me to shower but i didnt want them to rip out the staples on accident. What a relief.
later in the day Josh made me laugh (NOT on purpose, I just laugh a lot) and my meds were kind of wearing off...and I started crying cuz of the pain in my abdomen...which has the same affect as laughing. Josh knew what to do and got me to calm down and relax. My friend Sandy was visiting so she took care of Kai while I regrouped.
Just a few details of the birth...
I could feel everything, but not the pain. When moving me from the L&D bed to the Operating table, a nurse folded my arms and said "fold your arms hun." and my arms went splat to straight out to the sides. I was like "uuuh...I cant?" and she actually tried about three more times. just numbed like my whole you REALLY think I'm trying to be difficult about this?
Right before they had Josh come in when they were done setting up, my doctor came and got in my face and said that she wanted me to know she really thinks I made the right decision and that she thinks everything will be fine. You may be thinking she wanted to do a c-section so she could get paid more, but no. She only gave us the facts and risks, and made us make the decision all on our own. Josh actually found it frustrating and wanted her to give us a recommendation.
Anyway, when surgery was starting they had Josh sit behind the curtain by me...and he actually asked if he could stand. "uuh no its better if you sit" said the anesthesiologist.
Which is smart because I'm sure they have people pass out all the time. But Josh said there was a reflection somewhere and watched the whole procedure. He said it was crazy! Baby was out in about 10 minutes, and it felt like he JUMPED out of there! Josh said he probably did cuz he came out kicking his legs. As soon as he was out he was crying. Josh and I had never heard anything more glorious. I started bawling on cue. Just thinking about the moment makes me cry again. They brought the baby over and showed him to us...he was so cute. and BIG. I thought he was over 10 lbs. Josh followed the guy with the baby (who also made a comment about how large he was) and watched them clean him up and weigh him. I kept yelling "Whats the weight???" and they just kept saying "We'll weigh him as soon as he is all clean!" and then I heard them shout "8 pounds 11 ounces!" I dont remember the hour after this point that well. Josh got some one on one time with Kaius while I slept it off for about an hour. Then I woke up and asked for assistance in holding my son. Wow...he looks more like Josh than I thought he would! Here is a pic I have of baby Josh

And Kai looks VERY similar to this. Same mouth and eyes. I would say his nose is a mixture of both me and Josh.
Well, before he was born I thought that I would send out this mass text to all my loved ones, friends and family, to have everyone come visit us here at the hospital. We truly love visitors but I haven't sent that text out just because we don't want huge crowds. If you want to come visit please give me a call or text on my cell. Love to hear from ya! I just don't want anyone offended thinking I don't want them to come. I do!
Thank you all for your support! We truly appreciate it. Can't believe I'm a mom and ACTUALLY NOT PREGNANT ANYMORE! But I love it!


Chelsee said...

Carly! You are a trooper! Congrats on that little ball of fun!

jayni & ben said...

Oh my gosh congrats. You poor thing sounds like labor was not what you expected. But look at you. You did it!!! I can't wait to see the little man.

Brady and Brittany Fish said...

Carly! Anytime I read something you have written about your baby or birth I get the chills all over!! I am so happy for you! Glad everything is great :)

Amy said...

yay for baby kai! congratulations! you're going to be the best mom. i loved reading all the details in your post, can't wait to see pictures!!!

Lyonel and McKenzie said...

Im so glad everything went well! I posted some pic of Kai on my blog! You and Josh are great! Kai is super cute! Glad everything is going well with your family!

Katie Jo said...

You are awesome! HAHA I'm so glad everything went well... and you only have a few more days and you'll totally forget that you even had surgery cause the pain goes away so fast!!!

Can't wait to see him! And... I'm sure you look fabulous, are ya kidding? HAHA I still look at pictures of me from when Brenika was born and I WAS HIDEOUS! The sacrafices we make to bring cute little people into the world... so totally worth it! Love ya!!!!

Jana said...

Yeah, now after seeing your swollen self in the mirror, imagine having your roommate's husband walk in on you while naked on the toilet! That's what it's like in California.

Anyway, I saw the pictures on Mckinzie's blog. Cute! I can't wait to see a close up of his face!

Clayton, Kelsie & Carter said...

I saw the pictures on FB! He is beautiful! You guys did great!

Jana said...

You need to change your blog title again... You aren't bellylicous any more. :)