Thursday, September 24, 2009

How Things are Going

Tonight was an awesome night. Kaius only woke up twice, and ate quickly and fell right back to sleep both times. There have been only a couple nights where he has wanted to stay up for hours and Josh happens to be amazing at putting babies to sleep, so he has stepped in a few times. He helped his Mom with the two youngest siblings Chris and Sarah. I normally dont think that bein all mushy gushy on blogs about your husband is that cool...i think that the people that post only about that are trying to compensate for what they dont have... and Josh and I decided that my blog wouldnt be the place I express my feelings, but that I'd express my feelings with him. But I've expressed it to him, so here I go. He has never once complained about having to get up at night to help me. I always have said, and still say that if the husband works and the wife stays home, generally she should wake up with the babies at night, because she can sleep in the day. But there was a day this week that Kaius would. not. sleep. Therefore I didn't sleep or eat all day. That night when Kai woke up at 1 am Josh got up and told me I needed to rest....i was so tired i couldn't even argue, i dont remember being awake 2 seconds longer. With that said, I really truly believe I have the best husband for me, and he does such a great job of taking care of his family.

Something funny I've been doing... Last night in the middle of the night Josh started to roll over. I grabbed his arm and said "HEY. Careful. The baby's in here." and He said "Oh, Ok" and finished rolling over. Then that day he called from work to check up on me and he was like "So you had the kid in bed with us last night, huh?" and I thought for a minute, and said "uuuh no he wasn't ever in the bed with us!" ha! But I totally remember saying that and truly trying to protect him. The first 4 nights home from the hospital, any time Josh would roll over in the middle of the night I would abruptly grab his arm and check the surroundings for the baby. You would think he sleeps with us often or something...he doesn't. I'm a weird-o.


Katie Jo said...

Josh IS a great Dad... and husband too!! And there's nothing wrong with being a little mushy from time to time... it's the EVERYDAY stuff that is super annoying! :)

I TOTALLY did that same thing where I would wake up in the night and think she was in our bed and like freak out that I had rolled on her or something.... but no... she was always in her crib. HAHA funny... I think it must be our weird brains!

Madalyn :) said...

Ya weird things happen and get said when new mom's run on little sleep :)

Ashleigh said...

Heyyyy I'm mushy on my blog but my hubby really IS great lol.