Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Dreaded Crib Project

I knew I should have taken before during and after pictures...but i was too frustrated and didn't want to waste any more time. My sweet Mother in Law Theresa bought a crib for my Sister in Law Melinda's babies. She is all done with it so she gave it to me. Score!!! This is similar to what the crib looked like originally (color is close...but the actual model of the crib is much cuter)
Orbelle Trading 1122N - Tina Three Level Portable Crib Bed in Natural
I liked the color of it, but I had some extra time on my hands (about 3 months) so I thought I would just stain it a little darker, like an oak color. So I went to home depot and asked the associate there and he told me what to buy. I thought it was such a good idea! I would just sand down the crib, which would take like 30 minutes...and then slap the stain on there, then slap the finish on! WRONG.
It took hours upon hours of sanding from both my Mom, Josh and I. Probably 5 nights at 2-3 hours a night we'd sand this thing. Then when the time finally could put the beautiful stain on, the stain would only take in spotty places!!!! That is some tough wood! Again, should have gotten a picture but I was soo mad that I couldn't bear it. I was too embarassed. (I'm not embarassed anymore cuz the crib looks great again)
but i cant find any wood stain disasters on google image search so you will just have to visualize...a multi colored crib...with super dark patches and super light patches. I swear on my life we sanded that thing GOOD. After a week of letting it sit I thought of something (which my mom suggested but I shot it down....but it was a good idea when I thought of it ;) let's paint it! So I went back to home depot, returned the clear polyurithane and bought a dark brown paint which had the finish and the primer all in one, called Sweet Molasses. (Safe around babies)
The Home Depot guy said only one coat is needed because of the primer.
Well, he lied.
I ended up having to paint two coats because of the streakiness...and was scared of the result...but it looks amazing in my humble opinion. Check THIS out.

If you cant tell, thats the dining room table to the left, oh and the TV room behind that...and behind me is our bed, and to the left of me is the kitchen!!! Cute little Studio place huh? Here is the outside:

And here is our new car we bought for Baby and I!

Its AWD so it will be safe to drive in the snow...and it's priddy.


DaNiEl & ShAnDi said...

That looks so good! I'm glad it turned out so well after all the hard work you put into it. Oh yeah..I love your car! SAWEET!

Ang and Jerry Oler said...

The crib is beautiful! And I impressed by how much baby stuff you have already - those tubs under the crib look full!
I had an Audi in the 90's and LOVED it! The heated seats are the bomb during those cold winter mornings :)

Jana said...

Aha ha! Yeah I pretty much thought the same thing when I wanted to refinish the feet on our sofas and chairs. It tool way longer and way more work than I anticipated!
Your crib looks really cute though!

And I love your new car!

Seth & Kirie said...

You little cottage is probably the cutest place I have ever seen :)

Also - I got this awesome crib for free last summer. It was a light wood color but I sanded it down and tried to stain it, as well and it did exactly what your did! I don't know why, because I've refinished tons of furniture and never had a problem with the stain. Anyways - I ended up painting it black :) Now it gets to sit in storage for a few years until I decide to use it.

Looks good! I am stoked to see pics of your baby :)