Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Maternity Shirt

I want this shirt Katherine Heigl has on in the movie "Knocked Up".
I watched it a few years ago at a girls night out, and although we turned it off halfway through cuz it sucked, she was wearing the cutest maternity shirt ever. I just spent a 1/2 hour googling "Katherine Heigl Knocked Up Maternity Wardrobe" and found NOTHING! This is the ONLY picture I could find, but in the movie you see the whole thing and its GORGEOUS.
Its probably too expensive but I wanted to try. If for some wild crazy reason you have information on this shirt, please give me a holler.

To confirm, my morning sickness ended on the DAY I was 12 weeks along. I know I am very lucky. All my appointments have been been short and easy with normal blood pressure and all that Jazzola.
Yesterday was the first day I felt my belly and thought "wow, thats firm fat!" and I can't suck in the gut anymore. as in, its impossible to do, not that im sick of sucking it in. It hurts to suck in!

Although I'm feeling better, I am quite lazy. I will get around to the Hawaii post. I'm stoked !


Katie Jo said...

GET as much done as you can RIGHT NOW... cause the end is horrid and you never feel like doing anything! hahahha I'm glad your sickness is gone, so now we should go to dinner! hehe

Michelle said...

you are entitled to be lazy!!! eat it up!! :)

Lenard said...

congrats I didn't know your prego!! That is exciting. Take it easy that's what we mothers are allowed to do, or in other words do anyways and no one has a say ha! Congrats again. When are you due?

Jana said...

I kinda liked that movie. Good luck finding that shirt.

dotsonfamily said...

carly good luck finding that shirt ya i looked on google for the shirt and i couldn't find ya love ya by...comment