Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Weekend in Vegas

Josh's cute little volleyball team had a big volleyball tournament in Vegas. I got to eat in n out 3 times, and got church's chicken on sunday :) aaand I took about 7 naps.
For Val day the coaches and I all went to The Hard Rock Cafe. And I found out I dont fit into my skinny jeans anymore. my waistline is expanding!

Here is Rodrigo with the famous 10 oz. burger....shudder*

And here is Guseppi the italian stat master. (betcha thought i was gunna say italian stallion)

The weekend was a blast, the girls actually started calling me "aunti Carly" (cuz I'm so tight, as the kids are saying these days)


Michelle said...

even though you're expanding, it's a cute expansion! :)

Jana said...

Yeah when I go places it's pretty much all about the food for me too.
I hope I won't be needing my maternity clothes much longer and you can borrow them.

Larson said...

haha! auntie carly! i love reading your stuff! you are such a clever sis!