Monday, February 9, 2009

Doctor Frustrations - Please help!

So I've gotten Three rather LARGE medical bills from Aetna Insurance within the last few months...ready for this? I'VE NEVER HAD AETNA INSURANCE.


I just received ANOTHER one in the mail from Aetna. What the heck??
They keep billing the wrong frickin insurance!!!! I'm losing confidence in my doctor...the doctors office she works at isnt the nicest place, but she delivers at St. Marks Hospital which I have heard very good things about...and its close to us.
Please, if you know of any amazing doctors in Salt Lake...I am seriously considering switching because I cannot trust my doctor if her billing dept cant do a darn thing right!
I have heard of a doctor who has never had to do an apisiotomy....I must find this doctor or doctor like it cuz I am freakin out right now! Don't they know they are dealing with crazy pregnant ladies? I'm still fit to roundhouse kick the billing lady in the face!


Michelle said...

i would refer you to my doctors ... cause i had 2 for my entire pregnancy, but one went on a mission to russia after delivering korver as his last baby. the one that is still around is just as AMAZING, but he's partnered with a jerk.

and yeah ... that doctor's nurse doesn't know what she's doing if she can't bill the right insurance. that will be a MESS if they get it wrong at delivery. {which i doubt, cause it's the hospital doing it, but still:)}

Seth & Kirie said...

I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend Dr. Gemmel at the Avenues Women's Clinic. She is amazing, along with her Nurse Practitioner. In fact, I have heard nothing but good about the other doctors there, but I've been going to Gemmel forever and plan to stay with her once I get knocked up :) If you're interested, the number to their office is 801-355-9951. I know Gemmel is scheduled pretty far out but really any doctor at the Aves Clinic is wonderful - and if you don't mind too much I really like Gemmel's NP...I think he name is Chantil.

Good luck!

Linds said...

So...where at in S.L. exactly? My Dr. in American Fork just moved his office to S.L. (i think closer to the west side) Dr. Nelson. He delivered all three of my babies. Such a nice guy. I totally would be going to him still if I didn't live in butt crack!

Mrs. Brecheisen said...

With my frist pregnancy, the doc rubbed baby shampoo all over the baby's head- that made things smoother-- so I didn't have to get the episiodomy. Just something to ask if you get in the situation.

dotsonfamily said...

oh hey carly..i will ask my mom if she knows anyone up there bu tother than that how are you doin..
well i hope to here from u soon
telll josh i said hi!
love u both tons

Ashleigh said...

Aw, I hope it all worked out okay. How's the pregnancy going? Still sick? Poor thing. Are you still at the address I sent your invite to?