Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Letter C

Katie had this fun tag on her blog, to name 10 things you love starting with one letter, and she gave me the letter C. So here goes!

Chocolate chip cookies!
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Yeah, I know its corny...but with these CRAZY pregnant dreams, I honestly played Bella in the 4th movie. It was so fun hangin with the Cullens. It was so real to me and I'll always remember it. mocha cappuccino !
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I love to cook! I havent done it in a month and I miss it!

Even though right now all them are a little more snug than usual, I love clothes!

being Cheap
I am just frugal. I love bargains.

My favorite thing to do right now is come home and chill on the couch, as long as Josh is there. I even think going to the movies is too much work.

Crazy dreams
I have the most fun adventures when I sleep and remember everything! Last night I had a dream I went back in time and told my family big events that were going to happen in their lives (only the good stuff) and I told my Uncle Del he would find someone again and they would fall in love (who is his current wife)! Just seeing his reaction made me feel so good inside.
Every time I wake up in the morning I think "I should blog that dream!" but then everyone would think im a big weirdo haha.

Yes I am talking a lot about dreams, but usually in dreams when i am given some type of treat i wake up RIGHT BEFORE its going in my mouth! I had a dream when I was little I was handed a snickers and a can of soda and right when I almost took a bite my brother woke me up. Lately I eat food all the time while sleeping and it is better than when I eat them awake. French fries and ice cream have been most common, and then I want to eat the food I dreamed about the next day!

I love Christmas time and spending time with family.

I have never vacationed anywhere more than to California, I have lots of family there. They have in n out. the beach. better weather. I want to live there again someday.

If you want to do this tag let me know and I will assign you a letter!


dotsonfamily said...

hey carly ya send a tag my way so i have another reason to blog...u should blog about your dreams i think it would be cool to know what u dream about ....hey mabey i will do a dream blog seriously....well it was nice to hear from u again well i love u and josh tons...
your cuz

jayni & ben said...

I want to do it. My blog is boring and I need to post something :)

Katie Jo said...

A blog dream sounds cool! I have way wacked out dreams.. hahah... and they're AWESOME when you're pregnant!

dotsonfamily said...

hey carly i just did my letter m blog...thanx for the what day r u coming mabey u could come down to aunty julies or something...but ya so ya i hope to hear from u you both tons love ya
your cuz

Kyle & Christina said...

So about this weekend... definately!! We don't have any plans and it would be great to see you guys. Maybe we can come out to one of the games, and catch a bite to eat? If it's open to the public? Let me know!

Jana said...

What!? Did Uncle Del and his wife break up and I didn't hear about it?

I have a lot of food dreams too, especially pregnant. That is the worst when you are just about to dive into a giant banana split and then you wake up. I always have to go get one the next day.

Carly said...

No I went back in time and told him about his current wife whom he loves! silly....

Ashleigh said...

I'm feeling rather uninspired and need a topic to blog about. Assign me a letter, pretty please :)