Monday, June 13, 2011

"I'm Living in a Shoe!"

Carly O. English Class Journal Entry [short story, I'm guessing was that days assignment]

10/21/1997 (that would be....4th grade? I was 10.)

Hello, I'm the girl that lives in a shoe, people think my house is Bigfoot's owners shoe that got lost a long time ago, but it is not. You people probably think I'm a hermit! I'm not that either, and guess how I do it, everyday (really early) I go to Taco Bell, that's where I work and eat there every night, and if you think that I live in a nasty stinky sneaker! You are wrong. I live in a wonderful boot it is so fancy and big because it is a giants shoe (to other people) So now you know my secret so you better shut up about it.

[None of the grammar or punctuation has been changed.]

I just found this on my husband's desk. He got it from my Mom, I'm guessing.


Mom said...

We have been cleaning out cupboards... It may have been slipped to him at some time. You're quite the writer. :) And had quite the little attitude back then. haha

Hilary Bates said...

Oh my gosh, that is amazing. I love stuff like this. I should find some of my old crazy writings. If that came with drawings, you should upload them. haha "you better shut up about it". You are so sassy.

Kiki said...

haha love it! :)

Sarah said...

What the hell!