Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Motherhood Lately

I've really enjoyed being a mom lately, more than ever. Kaius has been pretty good lately. He is so loving and he always wants to help us out. He even is listening to me a little bit when I say "Please don't do that". But, he has started planting a fat kiss on me whenever he's being a little naughty. Or he'll just do it randomly. When he gets an owee, he wants me to kiss it better.

He was helping Josh wash the car.

Playing with a cousin :)

Uncle Ryan :)

Monroe is getting to be more "social" as the babycenter emails say. She smiles at us and my favorite is when she lets out a loud *sigh*. She's so dainty and lovely. And a great napper and sleeps well most nights. So, she's my best friend.

A couple weeks ago we went to Memory Grove. It was so fun! And beautiful.

This picture looks so much like me as a toddler. I'll find a pic of me and post it someday.


They are so cute. I mean handsome and stud muffinish.

Oh, and since I've watched Nemo a bajillion times, I've really realized what a HUGE jErK Marlin (Nemo's Dad) is! I mean, I get that he's stressed trying to find his son and all, but man he is rude. And Katie, from Horton Hears a Who, is psychoooo.


Jason and Maegan said...

Lately I've been really enjoying motherhood too! Halle has also been giving lots of hugs and kisses and starting to listen more. It has been so nice!

Mom said...

Lately, my kids are starting to listen more too... ;) Of course, they are 29, 27 and 24, but it's awesome. haha

I love being a "Mawmaw", as Kaius calls me. It makes up for the hard parts of being a parent. Kisses/hugs are great at any age.

Love ya,

Hilary Bates said...

dude I totally agree about the Finding Nemo thing! I kid you not, I said almost the exact same thing to same about a month ago. You should hear our theory on Beauty and the Beast. Crazy Disney movies.