Monday, May 9, 2011

Shaving Tips & Morning Breath Help

Yup, shaving tips. Never know whatchur gunna get here.

Armpits- There is no wrong way to do it. Normally you'd shave the opposite direction of hair growth...but your armpits grow all sorts of directions. So shave up, down, sideways, slantways.

Knees- Seem to always miss spots? Try locking your knee (straighten your leg). It seems like you will cut yourself, but you wont. I mean, the risk of cutting doesn't go up. Just try it.

Would you like to be rid of morning breath? Are you willing to pay $ to be rid of it?

Try THIS for $10:

Whenever Josh would roll my direction in the middle of the night, and I happened to be facing him, and he would let out a big breath, and I would die (jk)...I had to find a solution. I've tried Thera breath but didn't like that so much.

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Mom said...

Great tips, Carls! I never have morning breath, or armpit hair, but I'll pass it on. (wink ;)No really... I'll try them both. Love ya.

P.S. Your family picture his hilarious! Pretty much sums up a normal day with a toddler and new baby... haha. Josh's expression is priceless too.