Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mini Me? & Giveaway Winner

Here's the whole pic, without my Dad cut out :D

And now for the Giveaway Winner.
Since there were 5 entries I went to random.org, put 1-5 and the generator gave me 5 (I did that just in case he couldn't choose one) . Without disclosing to Josh who the random winner was, I had him read the entries. He had me blow the picture up, then bring a separate window up with the captions. He thought they were all funny, but laughed at the last one the most. So, Mom, this zebra bow was MEANT to be yours. And you better wear it all the time ;)


Mom said...

Ha ha. Too flippin' funny.

Mom said...

I mean... THANKS SO MUCH! ;) I need to photoshop a picture of me wearing it now. Maybe the 4 generation one? ha ha

Your blast from the past picture is cute and so is chubby Monroe.

Sarah said...

So cute!