Friday, August 20, 2010

My Poor Baby!

So, I always thought people were over-exaggerating when they say they were up with their sick baby all night. Kaius hasn't really ever been sick before. He had a temperature of 101 all day yesterday, which isn't really anything to call the doc over, especially with no other symptoms. He just wanted me to hold him all day and sleep on me all day, which I didn't mind too much. Except the only thing I wanted to eat was ramen and its quite impossible to make that with a baby in your arms, so I had to wait for Josh to get home.

When "nye nye" time came, Kaius was waking up every 30 minutes, leaving me no time to get a wink in. Around 1 am he was absolutely inconsolable and felt super hot, so I woke josh up to have him help me take his temp. It was

Which alarmed both of us. So I quickly got on the computer (after giving him some infant tylenol) to see if I need to take him in to the doctors.
Baby Center said the doctor will ask about other symptoms, which he didnt have any, and if he has none to just give him meds and watch him. After the meds he seemed fine but was wiiiide awake. I stayed up for another hour or so but he would cry if I sat. I was soooo tired I finally went into Josh and woke him up again saying I needed a break or I was going to go mad!
I couldn't have left him in his crib to cry it out when he is sick. That's just wrong.
I laid my head down and I was out.
He woke up about every hour after that.

This morning we got a call from Audi that our car is fixed. So Josh wakes me up at 8 am to go get it. I don't know how he did that successfully without me hurting him ;)

Well, I am obviously a basket case, so of course I forget my phone, and my house keys. So when Kaius and I come back to the house, we have no way of calling Josh or getting in. So we made today an adventure!
We went to a bookstore, Kaius was as happy as can be playing with books, toys, and other kids. There was a little girl there that said "babies can't be in bookstores." It was really funny. I got to finish "The Second Short Life of Bree Tanner"

Then we went to the bishop's house to use their phone to call Josh. Our bishop and his family are awesome. Then Kaius and I were hungry...sick of living off of cheerio's for the day. So we went to Smiths and got cookie samples! And spent a good chunk of time in the coffee aisle...oh man coffee smells soooo freakin good.

(but tastes gross...except frappuccinos and coffee ice cream...which I don't consume anymore..I'm mormon)
Then Josh saved the day with a pizza and a key to the house.

It was actually a really fun day. Thank goodness Kaius did enough crying last night for a month.

Some things I want to remember about Kaius:

-He is OBSESSED with dogs. He thinks the bark is so funny. He is always giggling when he sees them in real life, tv, or books.

-He is also pretty obsessed with feet/shoes. He got a hold of this baby girl shoe and put it to his ear like it was a phone.

-He takes anything and puts it to his ear since then and pretends its a phone...even if its an envelope and not shaped like a phone at all. He just babbles like he is having an important conversation.

-Today he learned "UH OOOOH"

-He says "mama" but says "dada" waaay more often. He'll just go around the house going "dad. dad. dad. dad. dad." and he says "Hi dad"

-He LOVES any type of ball and loves to throw them.

-About 30 seconds ago Josh offered him some pizza and he walked about 13 steps to him without falling!!! Nuts!


Katie Jo said...

cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute! He prob just had some sort of weird virus... or else in 24 hours it will be croup. HAHAHA That's how croup always starts. Fever. He's almost 1!!!! :)

Jeana said...

sick babies are no fun for sure! i always have to do the whole alternate tylenol and motrin when my kids have them so tha they can have something every 3 hours cause their fevers always start coming back beofre its time for the next dose!

Jana said...

Having sick kids is seriously the worst thing ever... It makes you feel so helpless.

What'd you think of Bree tanner?

I can't believe he's already walking, time goes so fast these days.

Ps I can't believe you put water on your cereal. That is too funny.

Madalyn said...

Ya, before I was a mother to a sick child I thought the same thing. "Why do these woman call in sick to work just because they have a sick child, what's the big deal!" Now that I've had a sick baby a couple times, I understand FULLY! It breaks my heart that I can't make them any better! What a trooper!