Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Power Outage

Well I sure felt like a pioneer for about five hours today. It starts stormin around 5:30 and the power goes off. Fine with me..lame episode of Deal or No Deal anyway...I'll just keep playing on Nnnnnnnope, since the power is out on the modem, no internet access. Josh gets off around 5:30 and usually I get a call from him when he is on his way home. I tried calling him and no answer. Being the worryer I am I start thinking crap...he is driving in a storm and got in an accident...
He finally calls me back and I let him know the power's been out and there is no way to make dinner, so he better grab us a five dollar footlong. He says its waaay windy on the road.
I went outside after the storm kind of let up because it was a Sauna in my house (no have I never mentioned this on my blog before?) and i have about 3 fans on me at all times.
And THIS is what I see

There are 4 tipped over tomato plants.

3 tipped over flower making a humongo mess.

That's "Babe", the doggy. As you can see, that "branch" has landed on his leash. And what is his leash attached to, you ask? His doghouse. His SHELTER. His DOMICILE! Who knows how long he was just chillin in the storm, not being able to get to his doghouse.

Josh saved the doggy and moved the tree when he got home (at 7:30...gotta love those 2 hour commute days...)
and Babe high-tailed it for his home.
Ok so funny part of the post, ready? So I text Josh what I want on my subway sandwich: "Whatever sandwich you get, on my half put lettuce, tom, olive, pickle, mayo/must, salt/pep. "
And I wish I had a picture of my sandwich for you guys, because it was just DOUSED in mayonnaise. and No mustard. Im like "babe why the heck did the subway chick put so much mayo on this??? and where's the mustard?"
He sheepishly replies with..."you didnt ask for said mayo is a must. as in lots of it..."
I really cant complain. Last saturday we went to Subway, and I told him I never really liked subway's mustard...I worked there for about 2 years and never liked it. So yea I can see how he would think i wouldnt want mustard. But regular mustard from the store is booooomb. My sandwiches are always dripping with mustard. So good. And Zero calories. Did you know that??
Yeah, go check the little label on the back.

Power still not back on so I call 1-800-CALL-411 (which is the same as calling 411...only its NOT the same. its FREE) and get Rocky Mountain Power's customer service number. Power is not gunna be back on until 10 pm. Hope my food held up in the fridge!!! I thought once I got back on here there would be toooons of status updates on facebook about the power outages, since power was out all the way to Salt Lake. Not one status update about it! Flabbergasted, I am! Facebookers LOVE to complain about the littlest annoyances that occur in their lives.


jayni & ben said...

you are funny!! And that is scary.

Jeana said...

hmmm the power wasn't out at my house, so i guess they lied about the all the way to salt lake thing :)!

Brady and Brittany Fish said...

hahaha carly I was laughing so hard at the mayo/must story!! I LOVE IT!

Jana said...

Mayo/must. HahahahahahHa! That is hilarious!
For me mayo is a must.