Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Best Beh Beh Shower EVER

My friend Katie did my baby shower a few weeks ago, and boy oh boy did she go above and beyond!!! My mom did a ton too (lots of yummay foood!)
It was frog themed !!!

Katie made the cupcakes with the froggies on them :)

We played a fun game of memory, baby shower edition.
Oh and everyone had to write down their guess at the delivery date, time, and baby's weight and length. The winner gets a scentsy plug in so i hope i win. I guessed 09/09/09 (3 days before my due date) and i guessed he'll be 10 lbs. at least.
everyone told me i was crazy but he IS measuring big, my sister's first baby was around 10 lbs...yes her husband's side of the family are big but so is my husband's side!!! im not boasting whatsoever, just backin up why I made such a large guess.

Then we played a boy name game, where everyone wrote down a name that started with each letter of the alphabet, and the person with the most unique names got a scentsy plug in from Katie. My momma won!!!! I was so excited for her. I love my scentsy plug in, so I knew she would too.

Here is the cute table with Diaper cakes, pictures, froggies, and baby shoes!!

The diaper cake on the left my Mother in law, Theresa sent. The one on the right Katie made!
The little party favors were bags of green gummy frogs and blue gummy sharks, and chocolate covered raisins. On it there was a little saying "Frogs and snails and puppydog tails....that's what little boys are made of". How cuuute.
Also, Katie got me this awesome carseat cover/blanket thingy. It has slits in the right places so that you just set the baby on top of it and wrap him up after you buckle him in! And It's BYU pattern...Josh especially loves that part! Its reversible so he has to make SURE the BYU part is on the inside so when you wrap the baby its on the outside...hahaha.

She also got me these hooded towels...

And last but most certainly not least, my mom got me the baby's crib bedding!!!!!!!!!!!

You gotta click on the above picture to see it large. I love all the animals!

Josh and I assembled the crib last night. We both put the bedding set in and we were both...giddy! Its kinda weird to have a crib in our house! We are so close. It hasnt hit either of us yet.
I got many other gifts not only at the shower but it seems like almost every day there is a package from someone or I see someone and they have a gift for the baby! There are too many to name them all but I gotta give a shout-out to Jana and Melinda, my sis and sis in law, for giving me (or letting me borrow ;) their little boys' clothes and other items (oh, and all the maternity clothes-too!!). My mother in law, Theresa (and father in law, Doug :) whom I can't thank enough for all they've sent to us. We now have an awesome travel system, rocking chair, and many more very very useful items thanks to them. My mom is also constantly on the look out for awesome stuff..johnny jump up, cowboy boots...list goes on. It's so awesome to live 30 seconds from my mom. it will be more awesome with a baby.
If you have given something as well, you should receive a thank you soon, but THANK YOU. from the depths of Mine and Josh's hearts :)

Now I have a picture of the crib all set up (the crib was given to me by Melinda, which was originally given by Theresa, THANK you BOTH!!) but I am not going to post it today. In a few days I will post about the changes that the crib has gone through, and the hours i put into it. I've already said too much.


Brady and Brittany Fish said...

Carly your shower really was adorable!!! I am so excited for you guys! My friend had a baby a week ago and I just go to go see her and her cute baby. WOW! So precious!! You're going to be awesome!

Katie Jo said...

HAHA I did NOT go above and beyond... I just like baby showers! :) But I am SO GLAD your fab mom helped me out with the food! SHE ROCKED.... so I'm glad she won the plug-in too! HEHE I LOVE your crib bedding... so when you have a girl next and I have a boy... we'll have to swap! HAHa Kidding, but I do love love love it!

I'm glad you liked everything, I hope everything's going good for ya! CALL ME if you need anything PULEASE!

jayni & ben said...

Hey I was born on 9/10 and I was 10 pounds. My husband was 10 pounds as well.... so I bet I will be having big babies :D

jessybaird said...

I'm so excited!!

Jeana said...

i'm sad i missed it! but i'm glad it was so fun :)

Ang and Jerry Oler said...

It was such a great day :)

Ashleigh said...

CUTE! I so wish I could have come. Excited to see pictures of baby boy :)

Amy said...

i'm glad you had a good time! sorry i didn't make it :( i can't believe you only have a few weeks left until your due date. how exciting!!! you're almost there! can't wait to see pics of the little guy.