Monday, April 20, 2009

Why I Love

If you havent been to before, and have kids, you need to know about this website! They have a daily deal every morning at 9 am, and the item that's on sale is usually sold out soon after. It is especially awesome if you live in Utah, because if you dont want to pay shipping, you can pick it up at their warehouse in Salt Lake!
The last thing I bought from them was actually this morning, right after 9 am when I saw it and wanted to get it before it sold out....a Boppy!

Apparently this one has sounds? Im excited about it. I remember holding my sisters baby girl, Carmen 2 weeks after she was born (10 lb baby) and my arms were so tired i couldnt hold her very long...and my sister shoved the boppy around my torso. I was immediately in love and knew I'd use one (oh, I was in love with Carmen too haha)!


Katie Jo said...

I was totally going to text you and tell you to check it out this morning, but I wasn't sure if you'd like the leaves on it. HAHA I have the same brand, and it's bigger than the regular Boppy pillows and I LOVE IT! It's awesome too for when they're learning to sit and you can put it behind them so that they don't fall back and hit their head on the floor. HAHA I'm so excited for you!

Mrs. Brecheisen said...

I loved the boppy. Good purchase!

emily said...

thanks for blogging about us!

emily (babysteals mama)

Jana said...

That is a really cute boppy!

Ashleigh said...